Sunflower Theme

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Theme Preview

Theme Items

Sunflower Bed

Sunflower Chair

Sunflower Flooring

Sunflower Lion Flooring

Sunflower Lion Wallpaper

Sunflower Patio Plant

Sunflower Table

Sunflower Wallpaper

Promo Items

Sunflower Stained Glass Divider[1]

Sunflower Wardrobe[2]

Sunflower Carriage[3]
  1. Available only in the 2014 Summer Super Mystery Bag
  2. Available only with Deluxe Membership purchase
  3. Available only in the 2020 Fall Super Mystery Bag

2013 Fall Mystery Clothing Bag Items

Sunflower Sprite Headband

Sunflower Sprite Dress

Sunflower Sprite Slippers

Deluxe Clothing Items

Sunflower Belt

Sunflower Bonnet

Sunflower Skirt

Sunflower Sunglasses

Theme Pets

Sunflower Dragon

Sunflower Dragon Gift Box

Sunflower Hill

Sunflower Truffles

Sunflower Lion

Sunflower Lion Gift Box

Sunflower Spa

Lemon Sundrops

Earthly Fox

Earthly Fox Gift Box

Sunflower Cottage

Savory Sunflower Seeds

Item List and Information

Name Regular Cost Deluxe Cost
Sunflower Bed Regular: 9,000 Deluxe: 5,500
Sunflower Chair Regular: 4,000 Deluxe: 4,000
Sunflower Flooring Regular: 3,000 Deluxe: 2,000
Sunflower Lion Flooring Regular: 2,000 Deluxe: 1,500
Sunflower Lion Wallpaper Regular: 3,000 Deluxe: 2,500
Sunflower Patio Plant Regular: 8,500 Deluxe: 7,000
Sunflower Table Regular: 3,000 Deluxe: 3,000
Sunflower Wallpaper Regular: 4,500 Deluxe: 2,500