Superfan Theme

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Theme Preview

Credit to SleepySeaStar on Reddit.

Theme Items

Crazy for Webkinz Carpet

Devoted to Webkinz Sofa

Sleepy Superfan Bed

Superfan Comfy Chair

Superfan Fan

Superfan Flooring

Superfan Study Station

Superfan Swivel Chair

Superfan Toy Chest

Superfan Toy Shelf

Superfan Wallpaper

Superfan Wardrobe

Webkinz Fanatic Floor Lamp

Webkinz Nut Nightstand

Webkinz Superfan Dresser

Webkinz World Widescreen

eStore items

Webkinz Bouncy Bed

2013 Summer Super Mystery Bag Items

Superfan Fridge

Superfan Hot Tub

Superfan Stove

Item List and Information

Name Cost
Crazy for Webkinz Carpet 525 KC
Devoted to Webkinz Sofa 950 KC
Sleepy Superfan Bed 1,200 KC
Superfan Comfy Chair 420 KC
Superfan Fan 390 KC
Superfan Flooring 150 KC
Superfan Study Station 420 KC
Superfan Swivel Chair 175 KC
Superfan Toy Chest 450 KC
Superfan Toy Shelf 150 KC
Superfan Wallpaper 125 KC
Superfan Wardrobe 750 KC
Webkinz Fanatic Floor Lamp 275 KC
Webkinz Nut Nightstand 300 KC
Webkinz Superfan Dresser 525 KC
Webkinz World Widescreen 1,225 KC
Name Regular Cost Deluxe Cost
Webkinz Bouncy Bed Regular: 7,000 Deluxe: 6,000