Swimming Pool Collection

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Item Availability Tradeable

Autumn Colors Pool
2013 Fall Super Mystery Bag Yes

Aztec Pool
eStore No

Beachball Party Pool
2022 Summer Super Mystery Bag Yes

Boho Pool
Deluxe Membership
Deluxe Monthly Challenge - 2023 August

CampKinz Pool
Collection Events
Marshmallow Collection Event 2013

Championship Pool
Pet Specific Item
Brown Boston Terrier

Chilly Mountain Pool
Pet Specific Item
Bernedoodle Puppy

Classic Villa Pool
eStore No

Cliff Dive Pool
eStore No

Colorful Pool
eStore No

Crystal Croc Wading Pool
Adventure Park Crocodile Hunter mini quest Grand Prize Yes

Crystal Falls
WShop[1] Yes

Cute Whale Wading Pool
2020 Summer Mystery Bag Yes

Designer In-ground Pool
eStore No

Diamond Pool
eStore No

Diving Platform
Deluxe Membership
Deluxe Monthly Challenge - November 2023

Doggie Diving Pool
Pet Specific Item
Signature German Short Haired Pointer

Elven Bathing Pool
eStore No

Floating Balcony Pool

Froggie Pool
eStore No

Garden Oasis Pool
2021 May Deluxe Monthly Challenge Yes

Geyser Pool
Growing Garden Seeds Yes

Golden Pool
Pet Specific Item
Golden Retreiever (2020)

Hotel Pool
2018 Kinzville Bake Sale Grand Prize Yes

Inflated Zingoz Pool
eStore No

Inground Lap Pool
WShop Yes

Lap it Up Pool
Pet Specific Item for the Yellow Lab Yes

Lap Pool
PSI Soft Rainbow Tiger Yes

Log Lodge Pool
Pet Specific Item for the Signature Beaver Yes

Luxury Elephant Pool
PSI Baby Elephant Yes

Mysterious Pool
Pet Specific Item for the Silverback Gorilla Yes

Oak Paneled Pool
WShop Yes

Paw Print Diving Pool
eStore No

Pink Mermaid Pool
eStore Summer Mystery Promo
2023 Summer Super Mystery Bag

WShop Yes

Pool Cabana
eStore No

Pool Retreat
eStore No

Pumpkin Spa
Growing Garden Seeds Yes

Rainbow Mountain Pool
eStore No

Rainbow Wading Pool
2021 Summer Mystery Bag Yes

Refreshing Oasis
Endangered Signature Exclusive Yes

Rejuvenating Rainbow Pool
eStore No

Royal Red Marble Pool
eStore No

Sandy Beach Pool
eStore Promo Yes

Secluded Garden Pool
eStore No

Spring Oasis Stream
eStore Spring Mystery Promo
2024 Sunny Spring Super Mystery Bag

Spring Petals Spa
Summer Mystery Bag Yes

Stone Tile Swimming Pool
eStore No

Summer Waterfall Pool
2017 Summer Super Mystery Bag Yes

Sunshine Pool
eStore No

Surf Pool
Family Score for reaching 15,000 points Yes

Swim Team Swim Lane
Kinzville Academy
Super School Giveaway

Swimming Hole
2021 Summer Super Mystery Bag Yes

Turtle Wading Pool
2012 Summer Sensation Yes

Unicorn Wading Pool
2022 Summer Sensation Yes

Wacky Wading Pool
2021 August Deluxe Day Yes

Wading Pool
Exclusive; now retired Yes

Watermelon Pool
eStore No
  1. This item is made by the Crystal Falls Building Kit
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