The Prize Klaw

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The Prize Klaw is a game found in Today's Activities. It is similar to a real-life claw machine, where the player controls a claw and uses it to grab prize capsules.


There are three buttons on the screen used to control the claw: a left arrow, a right arrow, and a down arrow. Clicking the left arrow moves the claw to the left, while the right arrow moves the claw to the right. The down arrow drops the claw and tries to grab a prize. There are three levels of grip as the claw moves from right to left - light, medium and firm. The firmer the grip, the more likely you are to win a prize, but the more time it takes to move the claw to that area. The game is timed, and only 30 seconds is allowed in total. If the claw does not grab a prize, the prize grabbing process starts over and repeats until time runs out.