Today's Activities

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Today's Activities is a feature located in the Things to Do menu and the Kinzville Times which lists a list of available activities at a given time. Certain activities can be done at any time throughout the day (such as games like Jumbleberry Fields and Wishing Well 2) but others are only available for an hour (like Jellybean Challenge or Quizzy's Blast). Events were formerly separated by Hourly and Daily, but now events that are daily are labeled as "All day!" and listed at the bottom of the Today's Activities screen. All events are scheduled using KinzTime, which follows the Eastern time zone.

The former design of the Today's Activities screen

While many activities listed in Today's Activities are games or other interactive features, some may take the form of WShop discounts or free items. Other events might award bonus KinzCash for playing a certain game. Some events may also be exclusive to Pet of the Month owners or Deluxe members. There is no pattern to how events for a day are scheduled - hourly activities are often random and can be rare. Checking Today's Activities every day is the most certain way to know when a specific activity is going to be available.

Official Description

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Today's Activities has the hourly and daily events that occur in Webkinz World. You can find the Today's Activities page in the Things to Do menu. The Hourly Events are based on specific KinzTime, which you can see in the top left of your online dock. KinzTime is based on the Eastern Time Zone. These events run from 4pm to 11pm through the week and from 9am to 11pm during the weekend. These events change daily, and not all events are available everyday, so be sure to check what's going on every day. The Daily Events are events that you can do any time during that day. Hourly Events are events that can only be done at certain times on certain days.