Toilets Collection

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Item Availability Tradeable

Antique Toilet
WShop Yes

Back Country Outhouse
Was an Exclusive; now retired Yes

CampKinz Outhouse
Collection Events
Marshmallow Collection - 2023

Cozy Condo Toilet
Deluxe Gift Box from 2018-2019 Yes

Daffodil Toilet
WShop Yes

Fairy Den Toilet
eStore No

Fiesta Toilet
eStore No

Fresh Floral Toilet
Collection Events - Flower Collection

Funky Girl Toilet
WShop Yes

Golden Toilet
SPREE! Mall Yes

Haunted Outhouse
eStore No

Haunted Toilet
Was a seasonal WShop; now retired Yes

High-Tech Science Toilet
WShop Yes

Holiday Silver Toilet
eStore No

Homespun Toilet
eStore No

Kinzville Academy Bathroom Stall
Recess Item

Lovely Iridescent Toilet
Summer 2014 Super Mystery Bag Yes

Neo Gothic Toilet
Exclusive available with pet adoption or from the Wish Factory Yes

Painted Glass Toilet
WShop Yes

Petal Print Toilet
eStore No

Platinum Selling Toilet
eStore No

Porcelain Toilet
WShop Yes

Red Velvet Toilet
eStore No

Sea Blue Toilet
WShop Yes

Simple Floral Toilet
Webkinz Newz Yes

Spooky Portable Toilet
Seasonal Challenges
WShop Challenge - October 2023

Topaz Toilet
Pet Specific Item
Topaz Terrier

Upbeat Chic Toilet
eStore No

Weathered Outhouse
Jumbleberry Fields prize from Pickleberry Jar Yes

Wild Savannah Toilet
eStore No
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