Track And Field Class

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The Track And Field Class, also called the Agility Class, is a Kinzville Academy basic pet course in the Physical category.


You jump over hurdles. If you get three strikes you fail.

Level 5

The first pet that completes Level 5 will award the Jump action. This action can then be used on all pets.

Level 10

Each pet that completes Level 10 will award an Academy Agility Class Gift Box, from which the player may choose one item from the following pool. Kinzville Academy Prizes cannot be Kinzposted or traded.

Academy Track Suit

Athletic Soaking Tub

Finish Line Tape Room Divider

Hurdle Trampoline

Leaping Lizards Poster

Silver Yoga Ball Chair

Spring Shaded Lamp

For more information on these items, see (Item Guide) Kinzville Academy#Agility.