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Hello Welcome to my page

Hello my name is mcorrcow or you can call me McKinley.
I have been playing Webkinz since 2009 and have been an active member of the Webkinz community. You might find me mostly on Webkinz Next playing around or working on the Webkinz next pages.
Thank you for checking out my page!

Contact Me:
Discord - Foxyboy#3032

Some Facts about Me

Q:What's Your favourite game on the classic arcade?
A:Goobers Lab as it is 1 of the oldest games and as well that it feels so entertaining to play.

Q:What Communities are you found in?
A: I am in a few Facebook groups as well as some great Discord Servers such as Webkinz Community, Webkinz Paradise and Wacky Webkinz Server!

Q:What made you join WPG?
A:What brought me to the WPG is the desire to help the community get their info on Webkinz. I know the Community and much of the staff are happy to see me here!

Q: What is 1 thing you missed out on for Webkinz and wish you got to do?
A: Well I have a few... I Missed out on Webkinz Road Trip as I am in Canada. As well I missed out on playing the older Webkinz arcade games like Leaf Leaf

Q: Favourite Webkinz Quote?
A: "Your Pet must be really over the mooon". - Miss Cowaline

Q: If you were not playing Webkinz what would you be playing?
A: I would be either playing the FB Game YoWorld or Roblox or Animal Crossing maybe even some games from Steam.

Thanks for Reading