Vacation Island

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Vacation Island, also known as Tropical Island Vacation, is an area of Webkinz World only available to Deluxe members, accessible via the Things to Do menu or the Map of Kinzville. It was introduced in September 2008.

Prior to October 2012, Vacation Island was accessible to all players through the Travel Agency, at a cost of 500 KinzCash per visit.


  • Don't Rock The Boat! - Board the ship daily for a chance of receiving Fool's Gold Chocolate, a Map piece, or seeing a Pirate Ghost that will decrease your Pet's happiness down to 0.
  • Vacation Post Office - Send Vacation Island-themed postcards to your friends.
  • Coral Cove - Hang out with other pets in this Clubhouse room and treat yourself to four free foods from the island buffet daily. Coral Cove Parties happen at 1:00 pm KinzTime daily, during which your pet may be entered into raffles for prizes.
  • Vacation Spa - Send all of your pets to the Spa to increase all their happiness, health, and hunger meters to 100. The price will depend on your pet count and current meter levels. The Spa will not fill up Pet Hearts.
  • Vacation Island Wheel - Spin this wheel daily for a chance at a prize! For a full archive of prizes that have appeared on the Vacation Island wheel, see (Archive) Vacation Island Wheel.
  • Sheldon's Souvenir Shack - Buy up to three items from Sheldon Turtle's shop every day. The item selection changes daily, and a full list of prizes can be found at (Item Guide) Vacation Island.
  • Treasures of the Crystal Seas - Play this arcade game for a trophy! Move the submarine through all six levels with the arrow keys while collecting pearls and crates and avoiding sea creatures. You receive 1 KinzCash for every 125 points.

Vacation Post Office


Players are able to send Vacation Island themed postcards to friends from the mailbox icon on the Vacation Island map. Deluxe players can also access the postcards by clicking on the Send Postcard icon from the regular KinzPost menu.

Preview Name


In addition to postcards, players can also choose a stamp to attach to the postcard.

Preview Name


The following messages may be attached to a postcard:

  • Wish you were here!
  • I'm on vacation!
  • I'm having tons of fun!
  • BEST vacation EVER!
  • Vacations are awesome!
  • I'm having a BLAST on vacation!