Wacky Log Out Carnival

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The Wacky Log Out Carnival was a series of games available once a day to users who logged out of Webkinz World. The carnival featured Wacky Zingoz and Zangoz, and awarded exclusive prizes to users who completed the challenges. The Wacky Log Out Carnival was released in 2011 and retired in 2019. Since then, the Webkinz log out process has remained unaccompanied by any games.

Badges for the My Page feature were also available through playing the Wacky Log Out Carnival.


Launch Wacky

Launch Wacky is similar to a test your strength game found at a fair or carnival. Wacky is seen standing under a tower with a bell at the top. There are three meters on the screen with different symbols: a sun, a tree, a clover, and a star. Clicking the "SET" button under each button sets the meter, and clicking "LAUNCH" launches Wacky into the bell at the top of the tower. If Wacky hits the top of the tower, the player wins a Wacky Hot Air Balloon.

Wacky Pinata

Zangoz is seen standing next to a pinata that looks like Wacky. There is a meter at the bottom of the screen with three colors: red, yellow, and green. An indicator moves back and forth, and the player must time their swings when the indicator is in the green area. The player gets three tries to break the pinata, and receives an extra prize if the pinata is broken.

Wacky Balloon Dartz

Wacky Balloon Dartz is similar to Balloon Dartz, but is themed around Wacky. In this version the balloons are moving, and the player receives three Dartz instead of five.

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