Waddell's Icecap Adventure

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Waddell's Icecap Adventure is a Deluxe-only Arcade game which was released in 2007. The player controls Waddell, a penguin moving around and catching fish that come out of holes.


Waddell moves automatically, but can be "steered" using the mouse. Each level is laid out differently, but all of them have holes and seals. Holes are where fish appear and start moving around the level, but if Waddell falls in a hole he loses a life. If he loses all of his lives, then he is too cold and tired to catch any more fish. If Waddell bumps into a seal, it will make a noise and send him in another direction.

If you get enough fish to complete the goal (monitored by the blue bar at the top of the game screen), you will move on to the next level.

There are three types of fish that can appear in a level: silver, gold, and red. Silver fish are the standard fish, while gold fish are worth more. Red fish make Waddell move faster. When Waddell catches a fish the Goal meter at the top of the screen increases. Once that meter is full, that level ends and the next level begins.


The mouse is used to guide Waddell through this game. Right-clicking the mouse gives Waddell a speed boost, but costs him of his goal bar.


There is no trophy for this game.


  • Red fish give you a speed bonus and gold fish give you extra points.
  • Avoid running into the walruses unless necessary because they take away from your goal.
  • Right-clicking the mouse while moving around will speed up Waddell, but it does take away from your goal, so try not to click the mouse.
  • Waddell has 2 lives or chances. You lose chances by not completing the goal in time or falling into an ice hole 3 times.