Webkinz Actions

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Pet Actions are a feature of Webkinz World that allows a player's Webkinz to perform certain actions. Certain actions are awarded to players by default, but others must be learned. Actions can be performed in any room, whether it's the Clubhouse, My House, or Coral Cove on Vacation Island.

Formerly, pets would perform a random sequence of three actions the first time a player entered their house after logging on.

Default Pet Actions

Action Dock Picture Name

Kinzville Academy Actions

To receive/unlock these actions, a player must complete Level 5 in the classes indicated or can buy them for 3500 eStore Points each.

Action Dock Picture Name Class
Flip Weight Lifting Class
Blow a Kiss Painting Class
Hide Eyes Language Class
Roll Over Running Class
Jump Track And Field Class
Dance Fashion Class

Action Sequences

Action sequences allowed users to record a series of actions to play back later. When actions were temporarily unavailable after Webkinz X was first released, this feature was removed from Webkinz World. Ganz has stated that this feature will not be returning to Webkinz World.[1]