Webkinz Day

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Webkinz Day is an annual holiday on April 29 to celebrate the launch of Webkinz. The event typically includes an in-game login gift and opportunity for players to spin the Super Wheel. A variety of sales are also available at the eStore. In early years, partnered retailers offered Webkinz Day sales and promotional activities at participating physical stores.


The first Webkinz Day celebration took place on April 29, 2006. While the game officially launched on April 15, 2005, the date April 29 was selected for the anniversary celebration due to the proximity between April 15 and Easter Sunday in 2006[1]. Webkinz Day celebrations have continued to take place on April 29 each year.

Login Gift and Activities

Players who log in on April 29 receive a Webkinz Day Gift Box. The box typically contains a trophy, group print, cake, Wish Token, and Kiwi Bird Medallion Box. Players also receive a KinzPost holiday card[2].
>> Click here to see all Webkinz Day Gift Boxes and their contents.

Players can also visit the Today's Activities page to spin the Super Wheel.
>> Click here to see the Archive of past Super Wheels. Webkinz Day Super Wheels are labeled Apr 29.

In recent years, a Deluxe Preview Week has also taken place from April 29–May 5 each year.

A variety of non-recurring activities have been offered throughout the years including Click-to-Win events, special Clubhouse rooms, and various promotions on Webkinz Newz, as well as additional activities to promote the release of a new fan-designed pet each year, which typically debuts on April 29. Major anniversary celebrations are noted in the Major Celebrations section.

Kiwi Bird Medallion Collection

In 2019, a recurring Pet Medallion collection event was introduced. From April 1–30, players can collect floating Kiwi Bird Medallions each day (limited to 4 per day for Free and Full Members and 5 for Deluxe Members). Players who collect 100 Medallions can adopt the Kiwi Bird on their accounts. The Kiwi Bird can be adopted at any time, but the floating Kiwi Bird Pet Medallions are only available during April.

Players also receive a 25x Kiwi Bird Medallion Box in their Webkinz Day Gift Box. On April 29, 2021, a glitch prevented the box from disappearing from a player's dock after being opened. The glitch was resolved later in the day and has not occurred in subsequent years.

Kiwi Bird

Kiwi Bird Medallion Box

Kiwi Bird Pet Medallion

eStore Sales

Webkinz Day sales are offered at the eStore each year. Typical sales in recent years include the following, but these sales are not guaranteed in any given year:

Major Celebrations

Webkinz Day ExtravaGANZa

Webkinz Day ExtravaGANZa was an event held from April 25–27, 2008, and May 1–3, 2009. Certain retailers partnered with Ganz to host Webkinz Day events at their stores. These locations offered Webkinz-themed games and activities for visitors to play, as well as exclusive plush pet giveaways. Activities included coloring pages and real-life versions of the Jellybean Challenge, Wheel of WOW, and Wishing Well.

In 2008, the first 500 customers who made purchases of $10 or more at participating retailers received a free Webkinz plush with a special Webkinz Day ExtravaGANZa tag. In 2009, any $15 purchase allowed customers to purchase a Webkinz Day ExtravaGANZa pet for $1. These pet codes expired on May 31 to discourage reselling.

During the 2008 ExtravaGANZa, an in-game click-to-win event was also held featuring flying pigs. When players clicked on the pigs, they received Jellybeans. The flying pigs did not return in 2009[3].

Year 5 Anniversary

From April 23–29, 2010, players could search for Goober in the Clubhouse each day to collect rockets in the Goobatomic Rockets promotion. The event functioned similarly to the early Leprechaun Chase and Trick or Treat events, with Goober moving between Clubhouse rooms.

Players who collected all 10 rockets received the Webkinz Day Year 5 Fireworks Machine. Players who collected 50 rockets received the "Collecting is a Blast" badge[4].

Webkinz Day Year 5 Fireworks Machine

Collecting is a Blast

Year 10 Anniversary

Players who logged in on April 29, 2015, received a free Decade Dragon. The pet was awarded after players watched a video through the Kinzville Map Theater. Adopting the pet did not renew account membership.

Decade Dragon

Players who logged in on April 29 also received a Webkinz Day Year 10 Gift Box, which contained additional anniversary celebration items. The Year 10 Gift Box has been re-released for purchase at the eStore for select Deluxe Appreciation events.

Webkinz Day Year 10 Gift Box

Webkinz Day Year 10 Trophy

Webkinz Day Year 10 Group Print

Webkinz Day Year 10 Cake

Wish Token

Webkinz Day Year 10 Jacket

Webkinz Day Year 10 Poster

Webkinz Day Year 10 Trampoline

Webkinz Day Year 10 Wardrobe

Webkinz Day Year 10 Divider

Mysterious Milk Bottle Note

From April 29–May 8, players received a Time Capsule login gift each day and the Year 10 Theme was available to purchase at the WShop. Players could also spin the Wheel of Yum at any time on April 29 and during select times through May 8 to receive past Webkinz Day cakes.

Year 1 Webkinz Day
Time Capsule

True Love Tree

Floor Puzzle Piece

Year 2 Webkinz Day
Time Capsule

Gem Mine Cart

Top Left
Floor Puzzle Piece

Year 3 Webkinz Day
Time Capsule

Kinzville Academy Cracked Bell

Right Middle
Floor Puzzle Piece

Year 4 Webkinz Day
Time Capsule

Winners Podium

Top Middle
Floor Puzzle Piece

Year 5 Webkinz Day
Time Capsule

Happy Hamster Snowglobe

Bottom Middle
Floor Puzzle Piece

Year 6 Webkinz Day
Time Capsule

Adventure Park Treasure Chest

Left Middle
Floor Puzzle Piece

Year 7 Webkinz Day
Time Capsule

Rockerz Fountain

Bottom Right
Floor Puzzle Piece

Year 8 Webkinz Day
Time Capsule

Webkinz Mobile Crystal Trophy

Top Right
Floor Puzzle Piece

Year 9 Webkinz Day
Time Capsule

Chain of Office Display

Bottom Left
Floor Puzzle Piece

Promotional events at the eStore included the re-release of ten exclusive Promo Kinz sold to the first ten customers[5] each day April 29–May 8, as well as the debut of the Year 10 Mystery Box. The Year 10 Mystery Box has been re-released at the eStore for select Deluxe Appreciation events.

Year 10 Mystery Box

Modern Bed

Modern Green Chair

Modern White Sofa

Simple Modern Table

Art Deco Modular Sofa - Left Section

Art Deco Modular Sofa - Centre Section

Art Deco Modular Sofa - Right Section

Baby Grand

Baby Grand Piano Stool

Year 15 Anniversary

From April 15–23, 2020, players could log in each day to receive the same Time Capsules given during the Year 10 Anniversary celebration. From April 24–28, players could log in each day to receive five new Time Capsules commemorating years ten and forward. The Fireworks Wall Panels have been re-released as a set in the Fireworks Wall Panel Pack at the eStore in subsequent years.

Year 10 Webkinz Day Time Capsule

Time Capsule Excavation

Fireworks Wall Panel 1

Year 11 Webkinz Day Time Capsule

Plush Unboxing Toybox

Fireworks Wall Panel 2

Year 12 Webkinz Day Time Capsule

Quinn Dragon Pet Buddy

Fireworks Wall Panel 3

Year 13 Webkinz Day Time Capsule

Pet Medallion Portrait

Fireworks Wall Panel 4

Year 14 Webkinz Day Time Capsule

Magic W Bookshelf Desk

Fireworks Wall Panel 5

Players also received a Crystal Fountain in the Webkinz Day Gift 2020 on April 29:

Crystal Fountain

Webkinz Day Pets

10 Year Magic W Cat
Promo Kinz

10 Year Magic W Pup

Decade Dragon