Webkinz Day Extravaganza

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This article is about events held in 2008 and 2009 to celebrate the anniversary of Webkinz World. For Webkinz Day in general, see Webkinz Day.

The Webkinz Day Extravaganza (also stylized as Webkinz Day ExtravaGANZa) was an event first held from April 25th to 27th, 2008 and again from May 1st to 3rd, 2009. The event was held to celebrate the anniversary of Webkinz World, with different activities taking place both years.

Certain retailers partnered with Ganz to host Webkinz Day events at their stores. These locations had Webkinz-themed games and activities for visitors to play, as well as an exclusive giveaway for plush pets. Events included real-life versions of the Jellybean Challenge, the Wheel of WOW, and the Wishing Well, as well as other family friendly activities like coloring pages. In 2008, the first 500 customers who made purchases of 10 dollars or more would receive a free Webkinz plush with a special Webkinz Day Extravaganza tag. However, this promotion was modified for the 2009 event. In 2009, any 15 dollar purchase would allow the shopper to purchase a Webkinz Day Extravaganza pet for just a dollar. These pets had codes that would expire on May 31st to discourage reselling.

In the 2008 version of the event Ganz also held a Click-to-Win event in Webkinz World featuring flying pigs that would float across the screen. When the player clicked on one of these pigs, they would receive Jellybeans.