Webkinz Next Transferrable Items

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Webkinz Next is a freemium, 3D massively multiplayer online pet simulator, launched for mobile and desktop on October 23, 2020. [1] While originally conceived as a sequel to Webkinz Classic during the sunset of Adobe Flash Player, [2] both Classic and Next continue as separate games. In October 2021, Ganz introduced the ability to transfer items from a Next account to a Classic account with the same username. [3] All the transferrable items are listed below; see (Picture Guide) Webkinz Next for items that are only available from Webkinz Next.


Wish Boutique

Eat Here Sign

Fancy Hotel Dining Table

Frog Prince Fountain

Webkinz Newz Camera



Fruity Juice Box

Golden Clover Cookie




Blue Wrapped Candy

Green Wrapped Candy

Pink Wrapped Candy

Purple Wrapped Candy


Crafting items are items that can only be obtained by crafting.

Cactus Wall Picture

Code Shop

Boutique Hat Stand

Sweet Dreams Bus Stop

Family Score

Red Heart Alarm Clock

Floating W & Wheel Bonus

For Sale Sign

Garbage Bin

Makeup Bag

Flowers In Kinzville

Geranium Bush

Fortune Teller

Amanda Panda Plush

Arte Fact Plush

Desktop Antique Plane

Sailing Compass

Secret Dreams Diary

Stone Garden Lantern

Sweetheart Plushy

Wheel of WOW

Cute Werewolf Plushie

Glampire Doll[1]
  1. This can be copied over


Arcade Challenges

Treasure Chest

Blanche Plushy

Egyptian Wallpaper

Home Before Dark Night Light

Polar Plunge Snow Globe

Home Away From Home Challenge

Flagstone Firepit

Cozy Cottage Gazebo

Lakeside Cottage Floor

Lakeside Cottage Wallpaper

Lakeside Cottage Window

Lakeside Cottage Muskoka Chair


Other Challenges

Adventure Scouts Sleeping Bag

Basket of Veggies

Fall Fun Scarecrow

Iron Wood Watering Can

Medicine Cabinet

Potted Fantastic Flower

Spectacles Cat Plushy[1]

Wooden Garden Sign

Zingoz Plushy
  1. Also available from Floating W & Wheel Bonus


Fall Fest

Vintage Milk Can

Fall Wreath

Iron Wood Coffee Table

Wooden Bench


Pumpkin Pie Platter


Amanda Panda Holiday Plush[1]

  1. This item is named "Xmas Amanda Panda Plushie" in Webkinz Next.

Curio Shop Themes

Neo Aztec

Neo Aztec Sofa

Neo Aztec Side Table

Neo Aztec Bed

Neo Aztec Dining Table

Neo Aztec Dining Chair

Neo Aztec Fridge

Neo Aztec Toy Box

Neo Aztec Calendar

Neo Aztec Fire Pit

Neo Aztec Dresser

Neo Aztec Stove

Neo Aztec Pedestal

Neo Aztec Lamp

Neo Aztec Chair

Neo Aztec Coffee Table

Neo Aztec Totem

Neo Aztec Window

Neo Aztec Wallpaper

Neo Aztec Flooring

Victorian Mansion

Victorian Mansion Art Frame

Victorian Mansion Bed

Victorian Mansion Carpet

Victorian Mansion Coffee Table

Victorian Mansion Dining Chair

Victorian Mansion Dining Table

Victorian Mansion Dresser

Victorian Mansion Floor

Victorian Mansion Pedestal

Victorian Mansion Side Table

Victorian Mansion Sofa

Victorian Mansion Table Lamp

Victorian Mansion Toy Box

Victorian Mansion Wallpaper

Victorian Mansion Window

W Shop Themes

Beach House

Beach House Carpet

Beach House Floor Lamp

Beach House Striped Couch

Beach House Striped Sofa Chair

Beach House TV and Stand

Weathered Wood Bed

Weathered Wood Coffee Table

Weathered Wood Dresser

Weathered Wood End Table

Lifeboat Closet

Nautical Trunk


Beautiful Brown Mosaic Table

Cafe Booth Chair

Cafe Booth Table

Lovely Lemon Chair

City Styling

Bright Ideas Lamp

City Styling Lamp

City Styling Window

Cream Crescent Dining Chair

Cream Squares Coffee Table

Dazzling Granite Counter

Fabulous Fuchsia Armchair

Fabulous Fuchsia Sofa

Glass Top Pink Stove

Hot Pink Cool Fridge

Mocha Magic Low Bed

Pink Top Side Table

Shaggy White Rug

Swanky Pink TV

Tidy Tuckaway Trunk

Tri-Mirror Mocha Dresser

Countryside Cottage

Countryside Cottage Bed

Countryside Cottage Coffee Table

Countryside Cottage Dresser

Countryside Cottage Fireplace Oven

Countryside Cottage Harvest Bench

Countryside Cottage Harvest Table

Countryside Cottage Kitchen Counter

Countryside Cottage Pantry

Countryside Cottage Sink

Countryside Cottage Sofa

Countryside Cottage Window

Friendly Froggy Cottage

Friendly Froggy Chair

Friendly Froggy Lamp

Friendly Froggy Rug

Friendly Froggy Stained Glass Window

Friendly Froggy Tea Set

Denim & Lace

Denim & Lace Bed

Denim & Lace Blue Armchair

Denim & Lace Blue Sofa

Denim and Lace Coffee Table

Denim & Lace Desk

Denim & Lace Dresser

Denim and Lace Hamper

Denim & Lace Hot Tub

Denim & Lace Lamp

Denim & Lace Rug

Denim & Lace Tan Armchair

Denim & Lace Tan Sofa

Denim and Lace Window

Good Vibes

Good Vibes Blue Flower Seat

Good Vibes Day Bed

Good Vibes Heart Seat

Good Vibes Lamp

Good Vibes Peace Sign Seat

Good Vibes Pink Flower Seat

Good Vibes Rug

Good Vibes Side Table

Good Vibes Star Seat

Good Vibes Storage

High End

High End Counter

High End Dining Chair

High End Dining Table

High End Fridge

High End Kitchen Island

High End Stainless Steel Stove

Modern Rug


Bamboo Brush Painting Scroll

Bonsai Brush Painting Scroll

Dynamic Daimyo Sofa

Full Tatami Mat

Half Tatami Mat

Konnichiwa Coffee Table

Mysterious Mirror Dresser

Paper Lantern

Peace and Harmony Pedestal

Red and Gold Zabuton

Rising Sun Window

Samurai Armor Stand

Shoji Room Divider

Shoji Side Table

Sushi Serving Table

Tokugawa's Toy Box

Traditional Taiko Drum

Zen Master Mattress

Zen Master Zabuton

Kid's Theme (New)

Beaming Yellow Chair

Chunky Red Chair

Cool Colorful Fridge

Crazy Colorful Bed

Crazy Colorful Sofa

Gleaming Green Table

Glorious Green Side Table

Kid's Play TV

Light-So-Bright Lamp

Raving Red Stool

Razzle-Dazzle Toy Chest

Shaggy Yellow Rug

Yellow Splendor Stove

Mega Modern

Cryonic Comfort Bed

Dehydrotrope Drink Bar Chair

LED Entertainment Unit

Luminorb Floor Lamp

Mega Modern Carpet

Mosaic Mirror Set

Omni Glass Coffee Table

Omni Glass Dining Chair

Omni Glass Dining Table

Oval Contour Cabinet

Sonic Sound Waves Set

Stasis Seat


Baby Monitor

Baby Supply Basket

Blue Change Table

Blue High Chair

Books and Toys Shelf

Nursery Dresser

Nursery Record Player

Nursery Rug

Nursery Toy Box

Nursery Wall Clock

Pink Change Table

Pink High Chair

Rocking Horse

Wicker Chair

Ohh La La

Ohh La La Bathtub

Ohh La La Bed

Ohh La La Chaise

Ohh La La Dresser

Ohh La La Fireplace

Ohh La La Flooring

Ohh La La Lamp

Ohh La La Rug[1]

Ohh La La Sink

Ohh La La Sofa

Ohh La La Toybox

Ohh La La Vanity

Ohh La La Wallpaper

Ohh La La Window
  1. This item comes in pink and black options in Webkinz Next. Classic serves as a rotatable.


Beauty Rest Bed

Bedroom Window

Cozy Armchair

Cozy Chaise

Fab Floral Desk

Fab Floral Desk Chair

Flamingo Painting

Flamingo Rug

Floating Bookshelf

Pretty Pink Cabinet

Tall Mirror

Teal Dresser

Winter Wonderland

Awesome Arctic Television

Chilly Lounging Chair

Cool Ice Coffee Table

Frozen Delights Dining Chair

Ice Block Counter

Ice Block Wall

Ice Cold Wardrobe

Icy Cold Icebox

Polar Trophy Pedestal

Snowflake Side Table

Snowy the Snow Bernard

Winter Breeze Dresser

Winter Feast Dining Table

Winter Wonderland Bed

Winter Wonderland Sofa

Winter Wonderland Stove

Seasonal Themes

Holiday Silver

Holiday Silver Cookie Dispenser

Holiday Silver Bed

Holiday Silver Storage Bench

Holiday Silver Bathroom Sink

Holiday Silver Hamper

Holiday Silver Pouffe

Holiday Silver Bath

Holiday Silver Reindeer Rocker

Holiday Silver Wardrobe

Holiday Silver Chair


GingerKinz Armchair

GingerKinz Sofa

GingerKinz Toybox

GingerKinz Wardrobe

GingerKinz Bed

GingerKinz Curtains

GingerKinz Divider

GingerKinz Lamp

GingerKinz Rug

Cute Valentine

Cute Valentine Bed

Cute Valentine Lamp

Cute Valentine Sofa


Glampire Bookshelf

Glampire Cafe Table

Glampire Candelabra

Glampire Chair

Glampire Coffee Table

Glampire Desk

Glampire Drawers

Glampire Flooring

Glampire Locker

Glampire Mirror

Glampire Ornate Fireplace

Glampire Pipe Organ

Glampire Potion Set

Glampire Rug

Glampire Side Table

Glampire Sofa

Glampire Stained Glass Window

Glampire Table Lamp

Glampire Wallpaper

Teen Wolf

Moon Cycle Framed Wall Art

Teen Wolf Bed

Teen Wolf Bedside Table

Teen Wolf Bookcase

Teen Wolf Desk

Teen Wolf Desk Chair

Teen Wolf Flooring

Teen Wolf Vanity

Teen Wolf Wallpaper

Teen Wolf Wardrobe

Teen Wolf Window

Wolf Paw Shag Rug