Webkinz World

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This article is about the virtual world. For the physical plush pets, see Webkinz. For the fictional location and history, see Webkinz World (location).

Webkinz World, now referred to as Webkinz Classic, is the virtual world where plush Webkinz pets come to life. Players can interact with the pets they adopt by playing games, decorating their house, dressing them up with clothes, and more. Webkinz World was launched on April 29, 2005, with the release of the first Webkinz pets. Players can enter the Secret Code found on the blue tag that comes with every Webkinz pet in the Adoption Center, which allows them to play with their plush pet online. Some pets may only be purchased digitally, while others have plush forms.


When Webkinz World was released in 2005, the only way it could be accessed was through a web browser. This remained the standard until 2013[1], when a mobile version of the game was released. The desktop app was announced after a major update to the mobile app in 2017[2], but would not be released until 2019.

As of January 2021, the browser version of the game has been discontinued. However, the desktop app is very similar to accessing it through a browser - they have the same user interface and the same activities available to play. The only difference is that one is downloaded and installed to the computer it is used on, and the other could be accessed from any computer without any additional downloads.

The mobile app, while maintaining the same design, has a reduced amount of features and activities. A majority of places such as the Kinzville Academy and the Curio Shop have not been added to the app, and cannot be visited. While the Arcade exists, not every game is available to play. However, players can still dress and play with their pet in their house, as well as buy items from the WShop. Additionally, there is a section of the W Shop known as the Mobile Zone which has items that can only be purchased in the mobile app.

User Interface

As soon as a player adopts their first Webkinz, they will be greeted with their room. At the top of the screen are three numbers: from left to right this is the amount of KinzCash a player has, their eStore Points, and their Family Score. KinzCash is the standard currency in Webkinz World, and it can be earned through things like playing games in the Arcade and answering questions in Quizzy's Corner. eStore Points are a premium currency, purchased with real-world money. Family Score is a measure of how frequently a user takes care of their pets - the more you play, the higher your Family Score will be.

In the upper right corner of the screen is the KinzTime clock, as well as access to the KinzChat Cell Phone, Mailbox, and Announcements. The KinzChat phone is used to interact with other users, and the Mailbox lets users receive packages and letters through KinzPost. Announcements are typically sent if a player receives an item from Ganz or a Webkinz World Host. Next to the Announcements button is the Log Out button, which lets players leave Webkinz World.

At the bottom left corner is the player's active pet, as well as three meters for happiness, hunger, and rest- which originally was health before the Webkinz X update. There is also a clothing button which allows players to dress their pet, and a pets button which allows players to change which pet is active. Next to that is the Dock, which displays all of a player's items. In the bottom right is the Things to Do menu, along with three quick buttons for the WShop, Arcade, and My House.

Things to Do

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There are plenty of activities in Webkinz World, most of which are accessed through the Things to Do menu. This menu is how players access the many features of Webkinz World. While the most commonly used things like the Arcade and the WShop are available at any time, most other areas are found under Things to Do.