Wishing Well 2

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Wishing Well 2 is a game of luck and chance just like the Wheel of WOW. There used to be a Wishing Well 1 but they removed it a while back and replaced it with this game.


All you have to do is click Make a Wish 5 times until you have to click Finish. If two or more of the same object are in a horizontal row, you will receive an amount of KinzCash. The Finish button is where the Make a Wish button is only the words changed. Remember, this is a game of luck and chance so you usually can get from 0 to 100 KinzCash. Occasionally you can get up to a larger amount like 1000 or a exclusive item.

Any rewards from combinations in the center row of the results will be multiplied by three. Below is a table of the rewards from all possible combinations.

Combination Rewards

Object Amount Normal Reward Middle Row Reward
Fruit 2 5 KC 15
Fruit 3 35 KC 105 KC
Pet 2 10 KC 30 KC
Pet 3 100 KC 300 KC
Well 1 5 KC 15 KC
Well 2 50 KC 150 KC
Well 3 1000 KC Choice of Current Exclusive

If you achieve the coveted result of three wells in the center row, you will receive your choice of any current exclusive item.