Zingoz Switcherooz

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Zingoz Switcherooz is a strategy game available for purchase from the WShop for 100 KinzCash. It can also be found in the Tournament Arena as a Two-Player Game and in the Clubhouse in the Games Room.


Zingoz Switcherooz is similar to Reversi or Othello, in that players capture each other's pieces in order to have the most Zingoz in their color on the board. Each player starts out with two Zingoz on the board in the corners closest to their side of the screen. Clicking on a Zingoz allows for two actions: putting another Zingoz on the board, or moving the selected Zingoz. Clicking the darker shaded squares will create a new Zingoz, while a lighter shaded square will move the Zingoz that was selected. If a Zingoz is moved next to an opponent's Zingoz, each Zingoz of that color directly touching the player's Zingoz will turn to their color. Play continues until there are no more possible moves, or if all of a player's Zingos have been taken off the board.

Zingoz Switcherooz can be played in three different ways: single player, local multiplayer, or online multiplayer. Zingoz Switcherooz only be played in local multiplayer if it is purchased in the W Shop and put into a room or played in the Clubhouse. The Tournament Arena version of Zingoz Switcherooz only allows for online multiplayer with a user or Webkinz World Host on that player's friends list. The Tournament Arena version also does not allow the player to choose which board they are going to play on - it always selects a board with no holes.