Mamma Gazpacho is Chef Gazpacho's mom found in a portrait in his TV show, The Secret Chef. He can't stop talking about her. She has minor appearances in Webkinz World, since she only appears in the background of her son's show. Chef Gazpacho is the best chef she knows. When Chef Gazpacho came to her looking for a new dessert recipe, Mama Gazpacho told him he didn't need anyone's help.


In the W-Tales story The Recipe for Success, Chef Gazpacho visits his mother in her cottage way far back after he finds out that his competition restaurant La Soufflé is doing better. He asks her for help and looks through her cookbooks but, to no avail, he leaves after saying goodbye to her.


According to Chef Gazpacho's references to her, Momma Gazpacho is an excellent cooker as he tries to outdo his mother in cooking and he is very good at cooking himself. It is also hinted that she expects too much of her son as he is always trying to make her proud.


  • Momma Gazpacho is adept at cooking, even though she is the animal that many foods are made of (Bacon, Pork, Ham etc.), this may be a joke on Webkinz's part.
  • Mama Gazpacho can be found in The Recipe for Success