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May Events

  • May 1-31 May Deluxe Challenge
  • May 1-31 May WShop Challenge
  • May 1-31 Flower Collection Event
  • April 29-May 5 Deluxe Preview Week
  • May 1-8 DIY Tie-Dye Event
  • May 6-26 Hamburger Cook Challenge
  • May 8 New Room Theme
  • May 9-May 19 Garden Center Clubhouse Room
  • May 11-12 Free Gift for Avocado Bear Owners
  • May 11-17 Fashion Week
  • May 16 Player Appreciation Day
  • May 17 Deluxe Day
  • May 20-31 Magic W Event
  • May 26-28 Wacky Weekend

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