Webkinz Guide:Meet ExtravaGANZa

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Hi! I'm ExtravaGANZa & I'm the honorary mascot of the Webkinz Guide. So nice to meet you! I portray all the hard work our Editors put into the guide each & every day. The guide is completely user-made & our Editors are regular Webkinz players, just like you! Ain't that something?

Ever since July 19, 2014 we've been hard at work compiling images & item information for all Webkinz players to use freely. Currently, we have 52,702 pages and 345,549 contributions by our WPG Editors in our database. That's EXTRAORDINARY!


Hmmm, how would I describe my personality? Well, I've been told I'm EXTRAVERTED, quite the whiz kid, & creative. Traits perfect for a job like mine! My favorite EXTRACURRICULAR activity is painting, & I absolutely love the taste of cupcakes. I'd really, really love a Zangoz Plush Toy, although that might be a bit EXTRAVAGANT!

I'm a 10 Year Magic W Pup, and my birthday is on August 26. Don't forget the EXTRA presents!


A Thank You

A big THANK YOU to each and every one of our Editors! The Guide would not be what it is today without your help.