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Hi! I'm ExtravaGANZa & I'm the honorary mascot of the Webkinz Picture Guide. So nice to meet you! I portray all the hard work our Editors put into the guide each & every day. The guide is completely user-made & our Editors are regular Webkinz players, just like you! Ain't that something?

Ever since July 19, 2014 we've been hard at work compiling images & item information for all Webkinz players to use freely. Currently, we have 37,914 pages and 250,770 contributions by our WPG Editors in our database. That's EXTRAORDINARY!


About[edit source]

Hmmm, how would I describe my personality? Well, I've been told I'm EXTRAVERTED, quite the whiz kid, & creative. Traits perfect for a job like mine! My favorite EXTRACURRICULAR activity is painting, & I absolutely love the taste of cupcakes. I'd really, really love a Zangoz Plush Toy, although that might be a bit EXTRAVAGANT!

I'm a 10 Year Magic W Pup, and my birthday is on August 26. Don't forget the EXTRA presents!

Gallery[edit source]

Extravaganza sideviewpaintv2.png

A Thank You[edit source]

A big THANK YOU to each and every one of our WPG Editors! The Picture Guide would not be what it is today without your help.

Interested in joining the team? As more Webkinz updates roll out, we're always in need of more helping paws! Feel free to introduce yourself to Michele by contacting her. We can't wait to have you aboard!