Caring Valley

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Caring Valley was an extension of the Webkinz Cares initiative, introduced in 2009. Caring Valley Pets have special green tags (similar to the red tags on Webkinz Cares pets) that unlock saplings in Caring Valley. Each feature code unlocks four saplings, as well as an Enchanted Tree. There are five sections in Caring Valley - Play and Thrive, Learn for the Future, Health Leaders, Dare to Discover, and Caring Round the World. Each is linked to a different charity that Ganz supports through the Webkinz Foundation. Planting a sapling in one of these areas is like casting a vote for it - Ganz will donate money to each charity based on the amount of saplings planted in Caring Valley.

The Caring Valley was retired in January 2013, though Enchanted Trees can still be unlocked when the codes are used in the Code Shop.

Planting Saplings

Inside The Caring Valley, you can plant saplings. You will receive 4 saplings for every Caring Valley Code you enter. You can plant your sapling in whatever forest you choose. Each forest is tied to a certain non-profit organization that Ganz supports. Ganz donates money on behalf of the webkinz foundation to each of these groups based on the amount of saplings planted in each forest so choose wisely.

From the Webkinz Foundation Website:

"There are 5 different sections of The Caring Valley:
Play and Thrive(wish fulfillment)
Learn for the Future (education)
Health Leaders (health care)
Dare to Discover (medical research)
Caring Round the World (international programs)
Each section has information on different child-focused charities. Members can pick where they want to plant their virtual saplings, depending on which kind of charity is closest to their heart. Each section will have a link that allows members to visit the charity’s own website and learn more. The Store Locator within Webkinz World will show which retailers have The Caring Valley pets."

Caring Valley Trees

From the Webkinz Foundation Website:

"The Caring Valley helps kids learn about giving, and gives them plenty of fun! After planting their 4 virtual saplings, members will receive their own customizable virtual Enchanted Tree to plant. Each month, a different tree will be introduced. Members will be able to create customized trees from a wide menu of design options—a first for Webkinz World, and only available to The Caring Valley participants!"

Multiple Trees

Players entering more than one Caring Valley code in the same month, and planting the required number of saplings, get to choose what type of tree they get for their second tree. They can choose the current month's tree, or one of the trees from the previous two months.

Caring Valley Prizes

In addition to receiving a Caring Valley Tree, players entering Caring Valley codes also get a special Webkinz Foundation themed prize, found here.