Color Storm

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Color Storm is an Arcade game. You control falling blocks, which will lock in place once they cannot fall any further. Build groups of 4 or more to make them disappear. The game is over once a block falls below the bottom of the playing area.


The game came out in 2005, and was retired in mid-2009. It returned in 2010.


The object of the game is to prevent any of the colored blocks from touching the bottom. To do this, you must make groups of one specific color (with 4 or more blocks).



You use your arrow keys to get your "storm" to the right place.


The trophy was only obtainable during a Trophy Challenge for a limited time.


  • If you get the "Storm" block in the right place, just press the down button to get it there fast.
  • If you make a group of six or more blocks, all the blocks of that color will be zapped away. Try to set up groups of six.
  • On the playing screen, having separate "sections" or "groups" for each color is helpful. For example, putting all of the yellow blocks on one sides, the blues on the other, and so on is a good way to manage your game playing and hopefully last longer in the game!