Cowabelle Cowoline

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Cowabelle is a student at the Kinzville Academy, and a member of the Kinz Crew. She is also known as "Cowabelle Cow". According to Plumpy, Cowabelle is an "actress extraordinaire". Cowabelle was elected as the first mayor of Kinzville in the Webkinz Votes 2014 election, and was succeeded by Dr. Quack.


She is described by Ganz as follows: Cowabelle is a fun-loving cow. Her best friend is Roberta Rabbit, but she actually gets along really well with all the members of the ‘Kinz Crew. Cowabelle likes life to be harmonious and doesn't particularly enjoy conflict. That said, she's good in an emergency. She managed to break the evil spell on the Charm Forest, after all (which is why she always wears her lucky charm on a chain around her neck). Cowabelle is especially good at languages and LOVES acting. Her mom is Ms. Cowoline (superintendent of the Kinzville Academy).


Cowabelle can be found in the following books:

  • Molly Pig's Best Friend
  • Roberta's Gift
  • Superstar Spring Break
  • The Too Talented Crew
  • W Tales Book: Charmed, I'm Sure


From February 16–22th, 2015, Players had the chance to meet Mayor Cowabelle Cowoline in Kinzville Park.Clicking on Cowabelle awarded the player a gift box. Players could receive one gift per day.

Players were also offered the chance to add Cowabelle Cowoline as a friend on their Friends List.

From April 18-25th, 2015, she returned to the park. Clicking on Cowabelle awarded the player a gift box. Players could receive one gift per day.


  • She first appeared in the story "Charmed, I'm Sure". In the story, she had a different outfit and hairstyle and her surname was "Cow" instead of "Cowoline".