Eager Beaver Adventure Park

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Eager Beaver Adventure Park is an arcade game. It was released in April 2009. The object of the game is to help Nuts and Bolts (the two beavers in the game) build their theme park. To help them, you must earn points by creating words. The longer the word, the more points you earn. Some letters score more points than others.
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The object of Eager Beaver Adventure Park is to help the beavers, Nuts and Bolts, build their amusement park. In each level you are helping build one of the attractions in this park.

To help the beavers you must spell words to earn points. Every time you earn more points, the beavers build more of an attraction for their park. Words must be between 3 and 8 letters in length. Each letter appears on a tile and are arranged in columns on your game screen. The tiles must touch each other in the order they appear in the word. Certain letters are worth more points than other letters. The relative value of letters is shown by the number of dots on the tiles. The letter Q is special and appears on a tile with the letter u. If you use this "Qu" tile, you receive credit for having used two letters instead of one. (For example, the word "Quart" is considered 5 letters even though it uses only 4 tiles.)

If you spell short words you may get a hazard tile. If the hazard tiles reach the bottom the game is over. Hazard tiles can be any letter other than J, K, Qu, V, W, X, Y, and Z.

If you spell long words you can get bonus tiles. These bonus tiles are worth extra points so try and use them in words. If you press the Shuffle button all bonus tiles will disappear. Be aware of this whenever you use the Shuffle button. Bonus tiles can be any letter other than J, Qu, X, and Z.


Use your mouse to click the tiles. Double-click the last tile in a word to submit it, or click the "SUBMIT" button.


Eagerbeaveradventureparktrophy.png Once you beat level 15, you win a trophy! This can only be obtained one-time.


Shuffle Button

If you just can't find any words you can press the Shuffle Button. If you do press the Shuffle Button there are two penalties that are given to you:

  1. Any Bonus Tiles that are on the board will disappear
  2. Two extra hazard tiles will be added near the top of the screen.

If you already have hazard tiles on the screen, they will also be on your screen after you shuffle (in addition to two new hazard tiles). The pre-existing hazard tiles will appear lower on the screen than they originally were located. In other words, a shuffle is like any play, and the hazard tiles will drop lower.

If you have a hazard tile at the bottom of the screen, the game will not allow you to shuffle and will return a message that shuffling will result in you losing the game.


There are 15 levels in Eager Beaver Adventure Park. Click the show button to see more details about the levels.

Level 1 - Gift Shop
Level 2 - Bumper Cars
Level 3 - Concession Stand
Level 4 - Go Karts
Level 5 - Log Ride
Level 6 - Restaurant
Level 7 - Mini Golf
Level 8 - Skate Park
Level 9 - Swan Boats
Level 10 - Tea Cups
Level 11 - Haunted House
Level 12 - Ferris Wheel
Level 13 - Water Slide
Level 14 - Wave Pool
Level 15 - Roller Coaster

After completing Level 15 you will win the Trophy and see what the entire Adventure Park looks like.



Bolts Standing.png
  • Score longer words for more points.
  • If you have multiple hazard tiles on the screen focus on the ones closer to the bottom before dealing with the ones up top.
  • Try and use the bonus tiles. They give you extra points which can lead to more KinzCash.
  • There is no penalty for guessing, so feel free to just try combinations of letters that look like they could be a word. If you think something sounds like it could be a word, select the letters and push the submit button. Sometimes you will be surprised what words are accepted by the game. If it is not a word, nothing will happen when you hit submit.
  • Often you are able to spell more than one word on a screen. If this is the case you can use strategy to prioritize which word to choose: 1) selecting a word on the bottom of the screen may disrupt the pattern in the upper words so working top down is sometimes wise; 2) you can highlight the words without hitting the submit button and compare point values; 3) you can prioritize words based on the balance of consonants and vowels. For example, you may want to pick the word "bolt" instead of "boat" if you are short on vowels or vice versa if you are short on consonants
  • By thinking carefully and selecting words that will remove letters in key places, you can set yourself up to obtain an especially long word that is almost but not quite available on a screen.
  • The game is not timed so you can think about each move carefully.
  • If you find a word you want to submit, look for various prefixes and suffixes to maximize points for that word. (ex. boot into reboot)


  • Youmustbethistallbadge.pngYou Must Be This Tall Badge you get for finishing level 5.
  • Skillfullybuiltbadge.png Skillfully Built, obtained by creating a word worth 1,100 points.

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