Fluffington St. Bernard

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Fluffington St. Bernard is the richest Webkinz in Webkinz World. He owns a mansion house filled with collections of art. According to the WTales story The Disappearing Sculpture, Fluffington opened an art gallery named St. Bernard Gallery of Fine Arts. He is friends with Arte and Plumpy E Hippo, and is related to his Aunt Meriweather St. Bernard.


He is described by Ganz as follows: "Fluffington is Webkinz World’s richest inhabitant. He’s got more Kinzcash than ANYONE else. Fluffington is occasionally known for his greedy nature… but he usually comes around and realizes the error of his ways. Fluffington has a real love for art, and has a huge collection. He has even tried his own paw at pottery in the past. He’s close friends with Simon Singoz (who he once tried to capture and imprison) and Henrietta Hippo (who has a concert theatre named after her, thanks to Fluffington). He also has a temperamental Great- Aunt Meriwether and a bratty nephew named Benny. Other members of his large family have been mentioned, but most of them are from the city, so Fluffington doesn’t see them very much."


Fluffington can be found in the following books:

  • An Air of Mystery Book
  • Does the Caged Singoz Sing? Storybook
  • Plumpy and the Christmas Spirit
  • Superstar Spring Break
  • The Best Present Storybook
  • The Disappearing Sculpture
  • The Kinzville Caper Storybook
  • The Recipe for Success
  • The Too Talented Crew
  • W Tales Book: Inukshuk's Wish

Fluffington's Mansion

In December 2010, Ganz released images of a few of the rooms in Fluffington's Mansion.