Get Eleven Solitaire

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Get Eleven Solitaire is a game in the Arcade that came out in June 2008. It is one of three Solitaire games in the Arcade, the others being Stack 'Em Up Solitaire and Triple Strike Solitaire.


The objective of the game is to remove groups of cards that add up to eleven. You can only select cards that are not covered up by other cards. Click on the deck to flip through it (this may add a card back onto the pile).

The game is over if the time runs out, or if there are no moves left.


The Trophy was only obtainable during a limited time for a Trophy Challenge.


  • Try not to use up all of one type of card. There are not an unlimited number of cards and you can run out.
  • The cards on the side of the screen are useful but you do not have to use them to pass the level.


  • If you remove 5 groups in a row, you can gain a Bonus Card which can be used to help clear the last cards (but you don't have to use this card to pass the eleven).
  • Gain more points by removing larger groups or cards that are higher on the pile.