Go-Go Googles!

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Go-Go Googles is a Webkinz World Arcade game. It has inspired many new areas of Webkinz World such as the introduction of Goo-Goo Berries as foods available for pets to eat and the creation of the Webkinz Pink Googles. Go-Go Googles is also available as an app for iOS devices.



The object of the game is to collect flowers off the Gozium Bramble and knock off the butterflies before they make the tree sneeze.


The controls for this game are simple: the mouse and spacebar. It does get more complex though... There are two googles you can play with: Giggle & Gaggle Googles. The white googles flies higher than the pink googles, but when the pink googles is on the bottom, you will move slower. The pink googles jumps less high, but when the white googles is on the bottom, you will go faster. Your goal is to collect 'goo-goo berries'. When you are under a selection of goo-goo berries, click the mouse to send your googles upward. You can then move your mouse around to make the googles go towards it. You could also click again to make the google flap his wings. This will allow the googles to fly upwards a bit. When little letters appear (g,o,l,e,s), try to collect them. They will give you points, and a shot at the trophy if you spell out 'googles'. When you see a butterfly, try to hit it with your googles before it reaches the tree trunk. If too many butterflies reach the trunk, then it is game over.



To obtain the Go-Go Googles Trophy, you must spell out the word 'googles'. Chances at random letters are given during each round. However, the odds of getting the trophy are very low. In fact, Go-Go Googles does have one of the most challenging trophies to earn out of all the arcade games. A 'special surprise' will be added to your dock when you spell out the term. The trophy is random, as in you will not get it every time you spell 'googles'.

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Players who win the Go-Go Googles Trophy during the Berry Fest also receive the Go-Goo Good Timing Badge.


During the higher levels, jump only when there is a butterfly. This way, you will always be able to protect the tree.