Goobatomic Rockets

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The Goobamatic Rockets was an event in Webkinz World from April 23rd to April 29. It was a Webkinz Day celebration.

You could participate by going into any clubhouse room and waiting for Goober to come. When he appeared you could click on him to get a rocket. You could collect a rocket every 30 minutes and there were 10 to collect. Once you collected all 10 there was a fireworks show and you received the Goobatomic Rocket Celebration Badge. You also received a grand prize which was the[Webkinz Day 5 Fireworks Machine.


Why can't I find him? What should I do?:Clear your cache before hunting for Goober or you may not see him.

Will Goober make a sound?: Yes, he will make a bubbling sound then say Atomicolicious.

How long will Goober stay in the room?: 2 minutes.

How many Rockets do we have to collect to get the grand prize?:You have to collect 10 Rockets.

I see a Atomicolicious sign over someones head but I do not see Goober what do I do?:If you do not see goober but others have that over their head clear your cache and if you still see it then they are just checking their rocket collection.

I have no rockets in my collection but I can not click on my rocket collection why?:You can only check your collection once you have collected at least one rocket.


These were the 10 different rockets:

  • Atomic Burst Rocket
  • Falling Leaves Rocket
  • Glittering Gem Rocket
  • KinzCash Shower Rocket
  • Magic W Rocket
  • Magic Wand Rocket
  • Paw Print Rocket
  • Phoenix Fire Rocket
  • Rain of Fire Rocket
  • Vertigo Swirl Rocket