Goody Gumdrops

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Goody Gumdrops is a side scrolling, endless runner game available to play in the Arcade. The player controls Rhody Raccoon as he runs through a candy land and consumes gumdrops.


The object of the game is to collect and eat as many gumdrops for as long as possible, jumping onto platforms and bouncing on ice cream while avoiding enemies and barriers. Rhody Raccoon starts out with three lives.

Eating gumdrops will fuel Rhody and let him continue running, his speed and health indicated in the bar at the bottom of the screen. Aside from regular gumdrops, there are star gumdrops which greatly increases Rhody's health and speed in comparison. Eating more gumdrops will increase his speed and health, and not eating enough will slow him down. Running into enemies and barriers decrease Rhody's speed and health at a quicker rate.

If Rhody goes too long without eating gumdrops, or hits too many obstacles, he will collapse and lose a life. Lose all three lives, and it's game over.


There are two power-ups in the game: magnets and the Zangoz costume.

Magnets are used to attract any gumdrops nearby, and the Zangoz costume temporarily grants Rhody invincibility and maxes out his health bar. Bees and porcupines will be smacked off the screen and cacti will be destroyed if run into with the costume equipped.


The types of obstacles Rhody has to watch out for are bees, cacti, porcupines, and purple goo. Hitting any of them will decrease his health and speed, which can be regained with gumdrops.

Bees are flying enemies and porcupines walk along the ground. Cacti and purple goo are obstacles Rhody must jump over.


The player is awarded the Goody Gumdrops Trophy the first time they reach 25,000 meters in the game.

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