Hoppy Little Rocketship

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Hoppy Little Rocketship is an Arcade game. It was added to Webkinz World on October 12, 2011. It is also available as an app for iOS devices.


The object of this game is to bounce on the bird platforms in order to go high enough to reach the moon.

There are three power-ups to collect on your way up:

  • Emergency Soda Boost - gives the rocketship an extra spurt of energy
  • Rocket Booster - propels the rocketship quickly into the air
  • 2x - yields extra points

To start the game, use an Emergency Soda Boost. You can have a maximum of three Emergency Soda Boosts.

Avoid the balloons which will cause you to bounce in all directions if you touch them. However, you can still bounce off of balloons just like platforms in order to keep going.

If you do not land on a bird platform you will fall and lose the game.



Move the mouse left and right to make the rocketship land on the bird platforms. Left click to use an Emergency Soda Boost.


Hoppylittlerocketshiptrophy.png The first time you reach the Moon, you will be rewarded a trophy around 11,000 points. You can still keep going and add to your score to earn even more KinzCash!


  • Every third time you bounce off of a platform, your bounce will go a little less high. Keep count of your bounces and prepare for the chance of not reaching the next platform on your third bounce.
  • Use the balloons to your advantage - you can bounce off of them just as you would bounce off of the platforms.
  • Save your Emergency Soda Boosts until you absolutely must use one or else fall and lose the game.
  • The bird platforms will sometimes parachute away if you bounce on them too many times:
    • The turkey platform will fall after 3 bounces
    • The chicken platform will fall after 1 bounce
    • The blufadoodle platform will fall after 3 bounces
    • The pinktastic peacock platform will fall after 3 bounces