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Malena is the Bad Fairy Princess. She lives in the Magical Forest along with her sister, Nafaria, Queen of the Bad Fairies.


Malena is described by Ganz as follows: "Malena is Nafaria’s little sister – and while not AS bad as her big sister, she’s no angel. Malena is a trouble maker. She likes to cause problems between friends and enjoys gossiping. Her best friend is Purr-Cilla. Malena is identified by her small stature, her coiffed purple hair and flashing eyes and her lightning shaped magic wand (good for three spells per day – no more, no less)."


She attends the Kinzville Academy with her best friend, Purr-Cilla, and the 'Kinz. One summer, Malena and Purr-Cilla joined the "Something to Do Crew", a club formed by the 'Kinz. To join, you had to have a talent. Malena and Purr-Cilla tried to cause trouble for the 'Kinz and prevent Nibbles from joining the club and meeting her future best friends. Malena used her fairy magic to cause chaos and make things look bad for Nibbles. But when Nibbles found out that they were behind the scheme, she proved to the 'Kinz that in fact, she had a talent and could join. That is the story of how Nibbles became a part of the 'Kinz crew. She is less powerful than her older sister and can only cast three spells a day using her wand.


Malena can be found in the following books:

  • Superstar Spring Break Join the Club (Trading Cards Series 4 story)