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Misunderstood (No Friends Blues) was the music video for the Skunk, when it was Pet of the Month in May, 2010.


I'm so... misunderstood.
Around... my neighborhood.
I do what I do to protect myself.
You do it too, so does everyone else!
It's a matter of perception
Ain't that the truth?
So why'my sittin' here with a case of the no friends blues?
For now, all I can say,
They're all afraid of my spray.
I'm really as harmless, as can be!
Ask anyone from my family!
They always tell me I'm so... cute
So why do I have a case of these no friends blues?
One of these days, I'm gonna be...
The Queen... Of Perfume!
People will all crowd around me, when I walk in the room!
Popular will be my name,
They'll all wanna smell.
They'd ask me how I make my stuff
As if I'd ever tell!
For now, all I can say
I'm misunderstood,
So misunderstood.
I'm misunderstood,
So misunderstood.
Why, oh why, I so misunderstood.