Pinky's Big Adventure

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Hungry Hog 2: Pinky's Big Adventure is a Webkinz World Arcade game that was created as the sequel to the game Hungry Hog. It was added to Webkinz World on April 17, 2008.


The object of this game is to collect all of the junk foods from the level to go to the next level without running into bees. If you run into a bee, you lose a life, and there is no way to recover lives. There are 25 levels.

You receive 1 KinzCash for every 75 points earned.



Use the arrow keys to move Pinky around the shrubs or hay bales. You cannot go through the Shrubs or hay bales.

Bees will always re-spawn in the place they originally spawned at the beginning of the level.


The trophy was only obtainable during a limited time for a Trophy Challenge.


  • Veggies restore your speed, but make more junk food appear.
  • By collecting a bee helmet, you can knock the bees out of the screen for a short period of time.
  • If you get too close to a bee, then it will turn red and charge much faster at you.
  • If a bee trapped you, usually at the end of some levels, there is a path (indicated by yellow and blue arrows) that will take you to the other side.