Pizza Palace

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Pizza Palace is a game available to play in the Arcade. It's the first Webkinz World game that features character and item upgrades, as well as a tutorial level.


The player takes control of Berry, an employee and manager for a newly opened pizzaria. The main goal is to gain enough funds and tips each day by completing orders for customers. At the end of each day, Berry and her equipment can be upgraded with the accumulated tips. As each day progresses, the amount of customers ordering and the size of pizza being ordered will increase.

Berry can be given multiple instructions and fulfill them in order, and pressing spacebar will make her stop. Pressing Q will restart the level but will cost a life.

Customers will leave if they are not served quick enough, resulting in the loss of potential funds. If not enough funds are earned, the level will be failed and Berry will lose a life. The player only has two lives.

Once the player reaches level 18, it becomes impossible to adequately fill the goal meter, resulting in this being the final level the player can reach.

Making Pizza

Making a pizza involves three steps: making the dough, adding toppings, and baking it. Each requires it's own equipment. Toppings range from sausage, tomato, olives, pineapple, green bell pepper, and mushrooms and rotate each level. Pizza sizes include quarters, halves, and full sized, full sized dough taking the longest to make on the dough maker. Pizza sizes do not affect how long topping boards and ovens take.

The larger the pizza and the more toppings that are added, the more the pizza is worth. If the wrong pizza is made, it can be thrown into the recycling bin.


Upgrades are bought with the funds that Berry made the previous day. Berry's shoes can be upgraded twice and make her move faster. The dough maker, topping board, and oven can be upgraded once and will make them take less time to use. The equipment will become gold and silver once upgraded, while Berry's shoes will become blue at the first upgrade and then gold with wings on the second. Each upgrade screen lasts five minutes.


Day 1

"Just one customer today. Not great, but at least it was good practice."

This is the tutorial level. The game will walk the player through the steps on how to complete the customer's order. There is no time limit and it is not possible to fail. 55 funds are made once the level is complete.

Day 2

"A few more customers than yesterday! Let's hope it keeps up!"

Customers will only order quarter pizzas and either one or no toppings. This is the first level that equipment can be upgraded.

Day 3

"Things are starting to pick up now! Word must be getting around!"

Customers will begin to order half pizzas.

Day 4

"Things are getting pretty busy! I better save up for more equipment."

Customers will start to order pizza with two toppings.

Day 5

"A friend came by today, she's going to help me make a flyer."

Day 6

"Today was good, but tomorrow my flyers will be up! Better prepare!"

A customer will order a full sized pizza. It is recommended to have two ovens by this point.

Day 7

"Wow, the ads really helped! I'll need more equipment soon!"

Customers will start to order more full sized pizzas and start ordering pizzas with three toppings. About 4-5 customers will order quarter pizzas with no toppings.

Day 8

"Business is booming! It's just been going up, up, UP!"

More customers will order pizzas with three toppings.

Day 9

"My shop just got a great review! Better get ready for the rush!"

The following days will have an gradual increase in customers.

Day 10

"Wow! Today was busy! I'm glad I could keep so many customers happy!"

Day 11

"So many customers! Who knew his many people liked pizza so much?"

Day 12

"So busy! My commercial plays tomorrow, so I better be prepared!"

Day 13

"Too much! That TV ad was just crazy! The customers just poured in!"

Customers will only order quarter pizzas.

Day 14

"Amazing! I've saved up almost enough money to start a second store!"

Day 15

"If I can survive tomorrow, I'll be able to start up my own chain!"

Day 16

"I did it! Say hello to the President of Pizza Palace Incorporated!"

The day will start with three customers ordering quarter pizzas with no toppings. After that, there will be no customers for around 20 seconds. Suddenly, multiple customers will barge in, all requesting full sized pizzas with every topping. The last three customers will order half pizzas with two toppings.

Day 17

"I've heard great news from my other stores! Things are going great!"

Day 18

There is no known way to beat day 18, leaving the game to currently be unbeatable.


The trophy is only obtainable during its Trophy Challenge period.

Its Arcade Game Challenge also awarded the following items.

Double Cheese Pepperoni Slice
April 20–26, 2020

Pizza Palace Restaurant
April 20–26, 2020, August 17-30, 2023

Pizza Palace Pizza
August 17-30, 2023


  • There is a 5-minute interval between levels. Use that interval to take a short break.
  • Multitask. While the oven is full, it's a great time to prepare more pizzas for the oven!
  • Always do Level 1, it gives you 55 funds and 200 points which you really need later.
  • On Level 2, customers only order quarter sized pizzas. So the moment you pick a pizza up, you can start another quarter.
  • Try to give the customers their orders from the first to last person in line.
  • Get another dough maker as soon as possible, as it can really help back up once you have to start making the whole and half size pizzas.

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