Tabby Von Meow

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Tabitha "Tabby" Von Meow is a Gold and White Cat Host who runs the Employment Office. She is 33 years old.

She was a candidate in the 2014 Webkinz Votes election, coming in second.


She is described by Ganz as follows: "Tabby is the host of the Employment Office. She has a job for EVERYONE in Webkinz World…once every 8 hours, of course. Tabby loves a good cup of coffee, reading novels, and hiking. Before she moved to Kinzville, she lived in the bustling metropolis of the Big City."


Tabby Von Meow can be found in the following W-Tales:

  • Plumpy's Great Advice
  • The Disappearing Sculpture

Appearances on Trading Cards

Tabby appears on the following trading cards:

Series 1

Name Type Number Text
Tabby Von Meow Character, Host B1-07 Tabby Von Meow makes her career by helping others with theirs!

Special Items