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Wanted items #-G

!st Place Podium

2009 Jack O'Lantern

2010 Jack O'Lantern

2020 Milk Chocolate Cottage

2021 White Chocolate Cottage

2023 Milk Chocolate Cottage

2023 White Chocolate Cottage

Adventure Explorer Pack

Adventure Scouts Truck

All-in-Jest Lemon Lime Gecko Figure

Amazing Music Machine

American Buffalo Catcher Figure

Ancient Clay Pot

Antique Western Brass Vase

Apple Farm Barm

Arcade Pool Table

Arctic Dog Sled

At Paw Level Display Screen

Autumn Hot Air Balloon

Autumn Leaf Bed

Bale of Hay

Ballerina Husky Dog

Balloon Blower

Banana Split Seeds

Baseball Hat

Baseball Stars Banner

Bed of the Pharaoh

Berry Farm Bouncy Castle

Berry Farm Cap

Berry Farm Overalls

Berry Farm Stand

Berry Farm Windmill

Birch Bark Trash Can

Birch Block Side Table

Black Ripped Jeans

Blooming Dandelion

Blue Dragster

Blue Iris Flowers

Blue SantaKinz Nutcracker

Bone Appetit Pug Figure

Booger Gets an A Trophy

Boxing Rhino Figure

Bratty Bookshelf

Bratty Zum Actor

Breaking News Cocker Spaniel

Bright Blue Rug

Brilliant Ball Gown

Brown Dog Night Figure

Brushing Up Hippo Figure

Bunched Sleeve Blouse

Campkinz Cabin

Candle Shelf

Candy Bash Trophy

Caramel Apple Seeds

Card Collector Coffee Table

Card Collector Counter

Card Collector Dining Chair

Card Collector Dresser

Card Collector Flooring

Card Collector Fridge

Card Collector HDTV

Card Collector Standing Lamp

Caring Valley Poster

Carnival Carousel

Center Court Collie Figure

Charm Forest Window

Christmas Cabinet Fridge

Christmas Carousel Toy

Christmas Jar of Jellybeans

Cleanup Kinz Sunglasses

Cloudy Armchair

Cloudy Bathtub

Cloudy Couch

Cloudy Window

Cocker Spaniel KinzPost Carrier Figure

Collector's Paradise Waterfall

Cool and Casual Pinto Figure

Cool Squares Shirt

Copper Husky Paw Print Tile

Country Sweet Heart Hat

Countryside Creek Bridge

Cowgirl Clydesdale

Cozy Cottage Gazebo

Cozy Pink PJ Pants

Cozy Pink PJ Pants

Cozy Pink Slippers

Cozy Window Seat

Crafting Basket

Crafting Cart

Crafting Station

Crafty Floor Tile

Crystal Sea Wallpaper

Dance Practice Shoes

Dear Diary Leopard

Designer Gown

Dex's Lugbot Lookout

Dog Bone Blender

Dogbeard's Parade Float

Dr. Monkey, MD Figure

Dream-O-Meter Bed

Drum Roll Snare

Earth Table

Egyptian Vanity Chair

Electric Fireplace

Elegant Alder

Elegant Egyptian Vanity

Emerald Wizard Costume Hat

Emerald Wizard Costume Shoes

Emerald Wizard Costume Tuxedo

Enchanted Garden Cascading Fountain

Energy Efficient Lamp

Experiment Station 2

Experiment Station 3

Experiment Station 4

Exquisite Egyptian Obelisk

Fairytale Loft Bed

Fall Farm Quilt Tile

Fall Fest Barn

Fall Fest Food Truck Dispenser

Fall Owl Quilt Tile

Fall Scarecrow Quilt Tile

Fall Turkey Quilt Tile

Fancy Frozen Piano

Farm Fresh Sign

Farmhouse Bed

Farmhouse Cabinet

Farmhouse Window

Fashion Boutique

Fashion Designer's Desk

Festive Fireplace

Field Chair

Field Couch

Field Guide Pedestal

Field Sketch

Figure Skates

Fire Chief Elephant Figure

First Webkinz Day Trophy

Flagstone Firepit

Folksinger Boho Dress

Football Bleacher Seat

Football Coffee Table

Football Cooler Side Table

Football Grill

Football Sofa

Football Trophy Stand

Fraidy Cat Lion

Framed Field Sketch

Framed Gold Coin Collection

Frog Sorcerer Figure

Funky White Hat

Garden Patio Sink

Gargoyle Chair

Gargoyle Lamp

Ghostly Urn

Giant Spider Dining Table

Giant Venus Flytrap

Giggly Garden Zum

Giggly Zum Actor

Giggly Zum Dining Chair

Giggly Zum Fine Dining Table

Glam Boutique Flooring

Glam Boutique Sign

Glam Boutique Wallpaper

Glam Rock Jumpsuit

Glam Rock Platform Boots

Glittering Gem Shower

Gold Card Collector Trophy

Gold Leaf Coffee Table

Golden Goal Deer Figure

Golden Tennis Trophy

Golden Trumpet Trophy

Golden Tux Dress Shoes

Golden Tux Jacket

Golden Tux Shades

Golden Tux Top Hat

Golden Tux Trousers

Good Fortune Kimono

Goody Gumdrop Tree

Goo-Goo Berry Fairy

Grand Egyptian Column

Grand Grotto Wallpaper

Groovy Bell Bottom Leather Pants

Groovy Disco Jacket

Growing Gardens Kale Seeds

Wanted Items H-R

Hall Tree Bench

Halloween Hunt Trophy

Halloween Jar of Jellybeans

Hanging Gardens Gown

Happy Hula Pink & White Dog Figure

Haunted Dungeon Gate

Haunted House Flooring

Haunted House Walls

Haunted Organ

Hay Loft Bunk Bed

Helmet Lamp

Helping Paws Club Blouse

Helping Paws Club Bouquet

Helping Paws Club Candles

Helping Paws Club Column

Helping Paws Club Lamp

Helping Paws Club Neon Sign

Helping Paws Club Sneakers

Helping Paws Club Tapestry

Helping Paws Club Vase

Helping Paws Patio Door

Henrietta Hippo Poster

Hero-To-Be German Shepherd

High Boots

Highland Jacket and Top

Highlander Kilt

Highlander Shoes

Hiking Caramel Lion Figure

Hip Hop Hat

Hip Hop Hoodie

Hip Hop Sneakers

Hippo Costume Feet

Hippo Costume Shirt

Hockey Chair

Hockey Coffee Table

Hockey Couch

Hockey Desk Chair

Hockey Dining Table

Hockey Flooring

Hockey Skates

Hockey Study Desk

Hockey Table

Hockey Wallpaper

Holiday Hot Plate

Holiday Hustle Trophy

Holiday Kitten Rug

Hoop Dreams Seal

Hopscotch Floor Tile

Hot Springs Mega Stove

Hotel Pool

Igloo Bed

Incubation Chamber

Indoor Lawn Flooring

Interstellar Telescope

Iron Wood Greenhouse

Island Flip Flops

Ivy Fairy Buddy


Jolly Jester's Hat

Jumbleberry Fields Billboard

Jumbleberry Fields Lunch Box

Jumbleberry Jam Poster

Jumbleberry Overalls

Keeping the Park Clean Poster

KinzPinz Panda Figure

Kinzville Bakery

Kinzville Park Log Bench

Kinzville Park Window

Kinzville Spa

Kinzville Spa Massage Table

Kinzville Times News Stand

Knitted Red Hat

Knitted Sock Sweater

Knitted Socks

Lakeside Cottage Muskoka Chair

Landing Mat Trampoline

Lazy Zum Actor

Lazy Zum Big Screen

Lifeguard Googles

Lighting Backdrop

Lion Costume Pants

Love the Planet Sheep Figure

Lovely Log Couch

Lurking Lagoon

Mach Speed Flight Pants

Mach Speed Flight Suit Top

Mach Speed Helmet

Magic 9 Ball

Magic Mire Marsh

Magic Painting

Magical Forest Wall Map

Majestic Throne

Make it Merry Christmas Tree

Marble Hamster Trophy Pedestal

Marching Band Floppy Pig Figure


Master Card Collector Statue

Mausoleum Televisi

Mega Make-it-Merry Christmas Tree

Merry Go Round Bridle

Merry Go Round Saddle

Milk Chocolate Cottage

Mind Reader's Robe

Mind Reader's Shoes

Model Airplane

Modern Television

Monster's Lair Gate

Moonberry Fairy

Moonberry Greenhouse

Moonberry Pantry

Moonlight Night Light

Mosaic Sauna

Music Starz Jukebox

Nafaria's Potions Table

Neo Aztec Bed

Neo Aztec Calendar

Neo Aztec Chair

Neo Aztec Coffee Table

Neo Aztec Dining Chair

Neo Aztec Dining Table

Neo Aztec Dresser

Neo Aztec Firepit

Neo Aztec Flooring

Neo Aztec Fridge

Neo Aztec Lamp

Neo Aztec Pedestal

Neo Aztec Side Table

Neo Aztec Sofa

Neo Aztec Stove

Neo Aztec Totem

Neo Aztec Toy Box

Neo Aztec Wallpaper

Octopus Bubble Blower

Onyx Monkey Backpack

Out of This World Moon Globe

Pink CampKinz Platform Tent

Pink Frame Sunglasses

Pink Lilies

Pink Picnic Charcoal Cat

Playful Gardener Bottom

Playful Gardener top

Polar Plunge Snow Globe

Polar Plunge Trophy

Posh Penthouse Sofa

Potted Fantastic Flower

Potato Sack Rottweiler Figure

Pretty Pink Poodle Figure

Prize Pie

Pruned Poplar

Pumpkin Coach Bed

Pumpkin Spice Cookie Seeds

Purple Ball Cap

Rockerz Purple Ball Cap

Purple Balloon Dog

Purple High Cut Sneakers

Purple Pumkin Chair


Rainbow Airship Docking Station

Rainbow Frosting (I want lots of this)

Rainbow Hologram

Rainbow Slide

Read All About It Brown Cow Figure

Red Leather Pants

Red Plaid Pants

Red Plasma Ball

Red Rocking Bandana

Red Sandals

Red Sport Pants

Regal Rug

Reggae DJ Top

Reggae Hat

Retro Farm Sign

Rock and Roll Jumpsuit Shoes

Rockerz Backstage Run Trophy

Rockerz Braided Headband

Rockerz Flower Power Dress

Rockerz Flower Power Sandals

Rockerz Pink Feather Skirt

Rockerz Punk Leather Jacket

Rockerz Superstar Sunglasses

Rockin' White Sneakers

Rocky Shores Lighthouse

Roller Pig

Rose Zircon Votive

Royal Ice Bed

Royal Ice Sleigh

Wanted Items S-Z

Salon Coffee Table

Salon Dryer Chair

Salon Side Table

School Time Terrier Figure

Screwy Lamp

Series 2 Collector Trophy

Series 3 Trading Cards Pedestal

Shining Red Tutu

Shock Rockin' Shoes

Shooting Hoops Cat Figure

Skateboarding Chicken Figure

Skater Kat's Skateboard

Skater Pig Poster

Sketched Kinzville Window

Sky Diving White Mouse Figure

Sleeveless Black Leather Jacket

Smitten Kitten Mosaic Tile

Snow Fort Slide

Snowboard Suit

Snowman Skater Figure

Snowy Cabin

Snowy Oak Tree

Soccer Star Chocolate Lab Figure

Solar Powered Blender

Solar Powered Sandwich Maker

Solar Powered TV

Sour Moonberry Seeds

Southern Romance Boots

Space Dresser

Space Explorer Cocker Spaniel Figure

Spectacular Spruce

Speedster Cap

Speedy Slalom Slopes Trophy

Spider's Web Window

Spooky Spider Web

Spotted Frog Pattern Balloon

Spring Craft Kit

Spring Place Setting

Stadium Lighting Lamp

Stadium Security Headset

Starting Speedways Trophy

Stately Bookshelf

Stem-Powered Moving Picture Machine

Stellar Star Blaster

Stilt Walker Leopard Lizard Figure

Styles of Plumpy Lightbox

Sugar Cookie Reindeer Onesie

Summer Jar of Jellybeans

Sunny Spring Dresser

Super Funky Hoodie

Super Star Leggings

Super Stunt Unicycle

Surfing Fantail Goldfish Figure

Surfing Treefrog Figure

Swashbucklin' Schnauzer

Sweet Zum Bookshelf

Sweet Zum Side Table

Swim Star Crocodile Figure

Swimsuit Top

Take It Easy Terrier Figure

Tan Cap and Sunglasses

Teacher's Pet Pizza

Tee Time Raccoon

Three Cheers Tiger

Tie Dyed Tux Hat

Tie Dyed Tux Pants

Tie Dyed Tux Top

Totally Bogus Bean Bag Chair

Toy Aviator Chipmunk Figure

Toy Tool Belt

Trading Card Condo Oven

Treasures of the Crystal Sea Trophy

Tricky Zum Cloud

True Friends Chihuahua Figure

Trumpet Playing Googles Figure

Two Pocket Cuff Shirt

Urban Beautification Bicycle Planter

Valentine's Jar of Jellybeans

Valentine's Bouquet

Vibrant Green Mauna Loa Lamp

Victorian Mansion Bed

Victorian Mansion Carpet

Victorian Mansion Coffee Table

Victorian Mansion Dining Chair

Victorian Mansion Dining Table

Victorian Mansion Dresser

Victorian Mansion Floor

Victorian Mansion Pedestal

Victorian Mansion Sofa

Victorian Mansion Table Lamp

Victorian Mansion Toy Box

Victorian Mansion Window

Violet Volcano Lamp

VIP Tour Bus

Volcanic Geyser

Wacky Lunch Box

Waddell's Icecap Adventure Trophy

Weathered Outhouse

Weathered Stone Cottage

Weathered Well

Webkinz Beauty Tiara

Webkinz Sports Shorts

Webkinz Sports Top

Webkinz Totem Pole

Welcome Back Mat

White Bubble Vest with Purple Hoodie

White Crocus Flowers

White Iris Flowers

White Lamp Post

White Skinny Jeans

White Tassel Leather Vest

Window to Zumwhere

Winterfest Bunk Bed

Winterfest Ottoman

Wise Enchanter Crown

Wise Enchanter Robe

Wise Enchanter Boots

Witch's Brew Stove

WKF Drum Roll Snare

WKF Emerald Apple

Wooden Garden Sign

Ye Olde Moving Picture Box

Yellow Butterfly Wall Panel

Yellow Crystal Paper Weight

Yorkie Cheerleader Figure

Zacky's Quest Statue

Zingoz Bounce Trophy

Zingoz Dunk Trophy

Zingoz Pie Throw Trophy

Zippy Zum Actor

Zum Dreaming Tree

Zum Fountain

Zum Garden Ornament

Zum Poster

Zum Sanctuary

Zum Scope

Zum Statue

Zum Tapestry

Zum Topiary

Zum Watching Case

Zummie Gumball Machine

Zummies Ball Pit

Zummies Bouquet

Zumwhere Cloud Machine

Zumwhere Coat of Arms

Zumwhere Globe

Zumwhere Lamp Post

Zumwhere Light Box

Zumwhere Music Box

Zumwhere Music Maker

Zumwhere Place Setting

Zumwhere Playset

Zumwhere Sign Post

Zumwhere Tapestry

Zumwhere Toy Chest

Zumwhere Traffic Light

Zumwhere Wardrobe

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