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Super Surprise Boxes were introduced in April 2014[1]. Each box contains one random eStore item from a selected pool. Each box has a unique pool of eStore items; the prize pools are shown below. Between April 2014 to May 14, 2014, all new and existing accounts received Super Surprise Box 1 upon first login; however, starting May 15, 2014, only new accounts would receive Super Surprise Box 1. Upon opening a Super Surprise Box, the player is awarded two items:

  • one random item from the respective prize pool, and
  • the subsequent Super Surprise Box

Opening the subsequent Super Surprise Box is locked for a fixed number of days as shown in the table below.

Super Surprise Box Schedule
Box number Opening delay (days)
1 0 (available immediately)
2 1
3 2
4 3
5 7
6 14
7 30
8 30
9 30
10 30

As the available prize pool consists only of eStore items, none of the prizes are tradeable or sendable via KinzPost.

Super Surprise Box 1

Super Surprise Box 1

Air Traffic Controller Headphones

Bouquet Bathing Cap

Charming Caroler Top Hat

Confetti Shooting Hat

Court Jester Hat

Eager Beaver Hardhat

Fashionista Fedora

Goober's Beanie

Hit the Club Hat

Hit the Slopes Hat

Iceman Hat

Kinz Newz Cap

Skateboarding Helmet

Snowball Ambush Snowsuit Hat

Theater Usher Cap

Ultimate PJ Cap

Winter Hat

Super Surprise Box 2

Super Surprise Box 2

After Party Table

Animal Print Ottoman

Bedside Bureau

Chi Dining Chair

Chi Dining Table

Downtown Chic Chair

Downtown Chic Sofa

Downtown White Armchair

Fine Dining Covered Chair

Fine Dining Square Table

Gathered Under Glass Side Table

Glamorous Golden Coffee Table

Gleaming Golden Sofa

Golden Loader Lounger

Golden Trend Kitchen Stool

High Class Tea Trolley

Modern Couch

Modern Glass Coffee Table

Modern Glass Table

Museum Bench

Persian Personal Bookcase

Red Velvet Chair

Relax and Recharge Lounger

Rococo Coffee Table

Secret Storage Bookshelf

Solitude Divider

Spa Towel Trolley

Stained Glass Peacock Room Divider

Stainless Steel Kitchen Stool

Super Surprise Box 3

Super Surprise Box 3

Birthstone Wallpaper

Carousel Horse Wallpaper

Disco Flooring

Guildwood Hall Flooring

Kinzville Academy Gym Wallpaper

Pop Diva Main Stage Wallpaper

Sandstone Villa Flooring

Town Hall Wallpaper

Treasure Hall Flooring

Webkinz Aviary Wallpaper

Wind Farm Wallpaper

Super Surprise Box 4

Super Surprise Box 4

Coconut Milk Bath

Five Star Stove

Golden Tiered Tub

Good as Golden Stove

Green Glow Bathtub

Lots of Dots Bathtub

Lots of Dots Sink

Melted Mud Bath

Neo Gothic Bathtub

Stainless Steel BBQ

Stone Tile Swimming Pool

Sunshine Pool

Wild Water Trampoline

Super Surprise Box 5

Super Surprise Box 5

Animal Rescue Jeep

Coupe Convertible

Dynamo Dragster

Empire Tall Ship

Flying Carpet

Hover Car

Mayor's Limo

Peace Out Convertible

White Limo

Wide Wheels Motorcycle

Yellow FASTCAR Racer

Super Surprise Box 6

Super Surprise Box 6

Descendants of the Dragon Statue

Dogged Detective Desk

Epic Ship Wreck Bow

Fashion Show Station

Grand Gables Shed

High Class China Cabinet

High End Counter

Ice Cream Parlor Counter

KinzTunes Award Display

Museum Dinosaur

Sign Dining Table

Supreme Science Fair Desk

Tasty Pastry Case