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Wish List

Send me a friend request in Webkinz World and Kinzpost me these items if you have them! Please let me know if there's anything I can Kinzpost you in return!

Adventure Park items

Bean Stalk Basket

Crystal Treasure

Fool's Gold Nugget

Molly Bobblehead Toy

Rafi Plush Toy

Salley Cat Bobblehead Toy

Scientific Sample

Unless Platform

Yellow Crystal Paper Weight

Annual Click-to-Win prizes

Fall Fest

Corn Husk Doll

White Mouse Plushy

Spring Celebration

Baby Bunny Plushy

Baby Skunk Plushy

Blue Iris Flowers

Bunny Zangoz Plush

Spring Chick Plushy

Christmas Countdown prizes

Plumpy Holiday Plush

Rubber Ducky

Rubber Whale Toy

Collection event prizes

Fall Fair Judge's Hat

Clubhouse event prizes

Enchanted Vanity

Deluxe Prize Machine

Deluxe Golden Chocolate Brick

Super Star Carpet

VIP Curved Red Carpet

VIP Red Carpet

Yummy Deluxe Lollipop

Ganz eStore Promo items

Gift bag prizes

Iridescent Sneakers

Gift with Purchase

Patio Orange Tree

Starry Blue Cookie Dispenser

Starry Red Cookie Dispenser

Themed ?? Box prizes

Wacky Garden Gnome Lantern

Themed pack prizes

Good Vibes Blue Flower Seat

Good Vibes Heart Seat

Good Vibes Peace Sign Seat

Good Vibes Pink Flower Seat

Good Vibes Star Seat

Spring Mystery Bag prizes

Blue Kitten Slippers

Diamond Hair Bow

Strawberry Beanbag Chair

Super Star Hat

Summer Mystery Bag prizes

Cute Octopus Rug

Delicate Diamond Ring

Dreamy Dress

Dreamy Wig

Fall Mystery Bag prizes

Good Witch Crown

Good Witch Dress

Midnight Owl Hat

Midnight Owl Costume

Midnight Owl Feet

Pink Tutu Belt

Stocking and Cracker prizes

Glam Gold Hot Tub

Gold Sparkle Vanity Pouf

Quilted Bow

Quilted Dress

Quilted Shoes

Webkinz 10 Queen Crown

Webkinz 10 Queen Gown

Kinzville Academy prizes


H2O to Go

Math is Fun Poster

Dispenser foods and other food items

Black Cat Truffle

Chocolate Ice Cream Cone

Double Chocolate Holiday Fudge

Double Decker Sugar Cone

Milk and Cookies

Milk Chocolate Milkshake

Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich

Stack of Cookies

Star Marshmallows

Wacky Cookies

Wacky Corn Chips

Mazin' Hamsters items

Gold Star Wallpaper

Media promos

Blue Tang Cookie

Despicably Blue Overalls

Googly Goggles

Octopus Cookie

Pink Star Tank

Starlight Sandals

Party Loot Bag prizes

Chocolate Zingoz

Zum Balloon

Recipe foods

Chocolate Rainbow Waffles

Things to Do Menu

Computer Lab Station

Confetti Cannon

Juggling Busker Plant

WKF Emerald Apple

Trading card prizes

Amanda Panda's Dress

Trading Card 2.0 Wallpaper

Poncho's Shawl

Webkinz Friends prizes

Azure Zingoz Throne

Webkinz Rockerz Lion Plush Toy

WKF Drum Roll Snare

Webkinz Newz prizes

Cukoo Kitty Clock

Plumpy's Engagement Bracelet

Wheel and game prizes

Blonde Floppy Hat

Presto Plush

Spotted Frog Pattern Balloon

White Summer Dress

Retired wShop items

Toadstool Chair