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Small Vases

Item Availability Tradeable
Ancient Clay Pot Zumwhere Yes
Antique Western Brass Vase Retired WShop Yes
Antique Vase Collection Event Yes
Blue Minaret Vase Rare Item Yes
Citrus Vase Collection Events Yes
Egyptian Vase Rare Item Yes
Fancy Frozen Vase Winterfest Yes
Glass Vase eStore No
Helping Paws Club Vase Helping Paws Yes
Sculpted Glass Vase Deluxe Membership Yes
WKF Glass Vase Webkinz Newz Yes

Large Vases

Item Availability Tradeable
Ancient Vase Fridge eStore No
Colossal Versailles Vase eStore No
Crusing Wave Vase Fridge WShop Yes
Gigantic Versailles Vase eStore No
Ming Vase Panda Fridge Panda PSI Yes
Royal Red Vase Fridge eStore No
Tile Towers Clay Pot Arcade Game Challenge Yes