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Hello Welcome to my page

Hello my name is mcorrcow or you can call me McKinley.
I have been playing Webkinz from 2009 to 2023. I left due to recent drama and people I thought were friends who backstabbed me. I moved on to Streaming to Twitch.
Thank you for checking out my page!

Contact Me:
Discord - Joy_Kin#3032

Some Facts about Me

Q:What's Your favourite game on the classic arcade?
A:Goobers Lab as it is 1 of the oldest games and as well that it feels so entertaining to play.

Q:What Communities are you found in?
A: I no longer am active in Webkinz Communities>

Q: What is 1 thing you missed out on for Webkinz and wish you got to do?
A: Well I have a few... I Missed out on Webkinz Road Trip as I am in Canada. As well I missed out on playing the older Webkinz arcade games like Leaf Leaf

Q: Favourite Webkinz Quote?
A: "Your Pet must be really over the mooon". - Miss Cowaline

Q: If you were not playing Webkinz what would you be playing?
A: I would be either playing the FB Game YoWorld or Roblox or Animal Crossing maybe even some games from Steam.

Thanks for Reading