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Hello, I'm an Australian who's been playing Webkinz since March 20, 2008, after I bought a Chihuahua at a store that's now been shut down. I have played this site on and off since, with a break which went from 2012-2016 where all I did was adopt pets once a year to keep the account up. I have played the website since 2016 frequently.

I own a lot of pets, primarily plush though some virtual only. I have never been Deluxe and don't intend to be.

I don't have much social media anymore, I'm a bit more of a recluse when it comes to Webkinz-related communities. If someone has been made aware of my presence on other websites, yes I am the same person.

My favourite items in Webkinz are beds (thanks webkinz x), buddies, and anything that's big, fancy or rare.