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Hello, I'm an Australian who's been playing Webkinz since March 20, 2008, after I bought a Chihuahua at a store that's now been shut down. I have played this site on and off since, with a break which went from 2012-2016 where all I did was adopt pets once a year to keep the account up due to school getting in the way. I have played the website since 2016 frequently.

I don't have much social media anymore, I'm a bit more of a recluse when it comes to Webkinz-related communities. If someone has been made aware of my presence on other websites in which I did things related to video games, yes I am the same person.

My favourite items in Webkinz are beds (thanks webkinz x), buddies, and anything that's big, fancy or rare.

You may also see me under the name barkopinko1916 on Newz. My webkinz username is barko19, made shortly before I considered the 'Pinkolol' name. The entire reason I wanted a DS (when I created the 'Pinkolol' name due to others using pseudonyms at the time) was for Nintendogs, and I had spent the year prior to my introduction to Webkinz begging for a DS since it was very expensive. You could say they're very intertwined.

I hope to provide many pet images and as much information as I can about Webkinz as a whole to the guide. I own a lot of pets, primarily plush though some virtual only. I have never been Deluxe and don't intend to be.