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SleepySeaStar (user)

SleepySeaStar is the username of a woman named Samantha. She is a user from Reddit that contributes to the Webkinz Guide with minor edits. She likes to add small additions to pages that are missing a detail or item.

As a Webkinz player

One of her favorite pastimes is decorating new rooms on her Webkinz accounts and collecting new items for her rooms to use to decorate with.

SleepySeaStar's 10 Year Magic W Cat, McKinzie, in her Superfan bedroom.

She is an avid lover of cats, as well as otters, sloths, and dinosaurs. She is an animal lover, which is shown in her passion for Webkinz. Her first ever Webkinz pet was an Alley Cat that she appropriately named Allie. Her favorite pet to play as on Webkinz World is her Rottweiler named Rascal who was named after her late dog. She also has a Charcoal Cat lovingly named Jayfeather that's named after her late cat that she called "Jay".

Now in her late 20s, SleepySeaStar has been playing Webkinz since December of 2008 and is still incredibly active within the community and game. She joined Reddit in July of 2021 to better connect with her fellow Webkinz fans and players. She loves to join in on discussions, help other users if they're needing assistance with things, sharing her pets' outfits and rooms, hosting giveaways, and trading with her fellow players.

Webkinz is a huge part of SleepySeaStar's life and she continues to enjoy the game and keep up with what's happening within the community and Webkinz World to the best of her ability.

As a Webkinz trader

SleepySeaStar is a private individual who likes to keep her main account to herself and very close friends. As a trader on Reddit, she uses two extra accounts for her trading activities with others. She will happily give out these two accounts' usernames for trading purposes and for sending back items during a collection event.

She likes to make sure whoever she is trading with is comfortable with the trade and that everything seems fair on both ends. She feels discussion is key though, so if someone trading with her is not comfortable with a trade, she has no problem having them tell her so and talking it out. If a trade does not happen, she knows she can always try again with that user or another user that may have the item(s) she was seeking.

She has a great reputation as a trustworthy trader and many who have spoken to her or traded with her can vouch for that.

Wishlists and Tradelists

You can find her wishlists and tradelists below. She happily uses the Webkinz Guide to make them possible.

Wishlists Tradelists
Items Items
Clothing Clothing

Online persona

SleepySeaStar is her Webkinz online persona on Reddit, Discord, and the Webkinz Guide only. She is known as BigFishFriend on Webkinz Newz. As BigFishFriend, she has become a finalist in several room design contests on Webkinz Newz.

An image of one of Webkinz's many cats, which are SleepySeaStar's favorite animal.

On Reddit, her avatar resembles herself and a cat (her favorite animal). Her username, SleepySeaStar, was chosen because she is a fan of alliteration and her name begins with the letter S.

She prefers to be referred to by her name or her entire username (if someone is not a close friend of hers), but Sleepy or SeaStar are perfectly acceptable.

SleepySeaStar's Reddit profile is public and can be viewed here. She is responsible for creating the icons and banners for r/Webkinz and r/webkinzbuyselltrade on Reddit.

She is a part of the Webkinz Guide Discord server. You can friend her from there if you are also a member.