Wheel of WOW

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You may spin it up to once a day, unless there is a special "Hourly Activity" which lets players spin it a second time. If you have a Wheel of Wow coupon, you may also use it to spin the Wheel more than once a day. When Webkinz World is promoting a movie, toy, or other item, the Wheel of Wow has prizes relating to the promotion. To see a full list of prizes click here.

On March 28, 2012, Ganz changed the Wheel of Wow interface and included a Prize Meter at the top of the screen. The prize meter awards a Daily KinzCare prize after fifteen spins. Wheel of Wow Coupons count for the fifteen spins needed.

You can keep track of this by looking at your "Bonus Prize Meter" when you spin the Wheel of Wow. This prizes range from special objects to furniture. You can view these prizes by clicking "Show Prizes" on the Bonus Prize Meter. Below will be an image showing the Bonus Prize Meter and some of the prizes you could win.