Whimsy Skies

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On October 14, 2010, advertisements appeared in Webkinz World for a game called "Fly the Whimsy Skies". Players clicking on the advertisement were taken to the Arcade, but no game by that name could be found. Later that day, the advertisements were removed.[1]

On November 10, 2010, the game was finally added to the Arcade, but for Deluxe members only.[2]


The Objective of Whimsy Skies is to guide "Capri" the Dragon to the flags on each of the levels while avoiding the Emperor dragons. If the Emperor Dragons catch up to you, you lose a turn. If you are caught three times the game is over. After certain levels you can get another turn, but you can never have more than three turns. Tag balls and lightning can tag out Emperor Dragons for a few seconds and also clear away clouds. This is helpful because Capri flies slower through clouds, and orange clouds slow her down even more. However, Capri can't fly through the dark clouds. There are 20 levels to finish.


Use the arrow keys to guide Capri through the clouds to the flags. If you fly through lightning it will fly backwards. Throw tag balls by pressing the space bar.

Trophy, Badges, and Taglines

The trophy is won by finishing all 20 levels of the game.

  • The 1st badge is called Cloud Control and is earned by finishing level 9
  • The second badge is called Lightning Surfer
  • The tagline is "Tagger"