Zingoz Bounce

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Zingoz Bounce is a game featured in the Arcade. It was retired January 20th, 2010, but was brought back as a Deluxe-only game in July 2013.


The object of Zingoz Pop is to keep the Zingoz in the air as long as possible. Click on the Zingoz to pop it into the air and click again to bounce it while it is in the air. Continuing to bounce for as long as you can will earn the most amount of points.

The Zingoz has the possibility of five color changes during the game. The sequence of colors is the following:

Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Pink

He will begin as red and will stay so for the first twenty clicks of the game. After the twentieth click (100 points), He will change to orange. He is orange from 20 - 40 clicks (100 - 220 points), yellow from 40 - 60 clicks (220 - 360 points), blue from 60 - 80 clicks (360 - 520 points), purple from 80 - 100 clicks (520 - 700 points), and pink from 100 clicks (700 points) and on until he is dropped.

Each click with the red ball is worth 5 points, orange is worth 6, yellow is worth 7, blue is worth 8, purple is worth 9, and pink is worth 10.


Use your mouse to bounce the Zingoz into the air initially and to click on him throughout the game. No other controls are used.


There is currently is a random chance of getting a trophy if you bounce the ball 100 times without having the ball land to the ground on any turn. You have 5 turns to play this game.

However, the Zingoz Bounce Trophy used to be awarded for this game until February 2007 at which time it was very unofficially retired. At that time, Ganz announced the retiring of the Silver Zingoz Pop Trophy of the Zingoz Pop Arcade game in the Newzpaper. However, one article mistakenly read the name "Zingoz Bounce" Trophy instead of "Zingoz Pop." And on this same day members came to find out that the game was no longer awarding trophies.

The Zingoz Bounce Trophy was awarded randomly for getting a score over 700 in the game (700 points is 100 bounces of the ball). The game would "choose" a random number between 700 and 2200 and if your score on any ball was over that number, you would be awarded the trophy. A score over 2200 for a ball would therefore automatically award the trophy.

Because the trophy was awarded for a score over 700 on any ball, it was possible to win up to five trophies per game.

The original game included only a single pink ball that never went through a change in color. On the day the trophy was "retired," the game was also changed so that there were six different ball colors that updated with a higher score, and "spin" was added to the ball so that it would no longer keep from rotating, making the game much more difficult. Originally, players could press the ball in the very center from the beginning so that it would not move and rhythmically press the ball in the same place each time it fell, which led to extremely high scores and commonness of the trophy.


  • Bounce the Zingoz as vertically as possible throughout the game, especially during the blue stage and on. When the ball is clicked to the right or left, it is more prone it increase in speed and is harder to control. Clicking it back into a vertical position will enable better control again.
  • Hit the Zingoz on the side towards which it is rotating to keep it from spinning as quickly and to bounce it more vertically. For example, if the ball is spinning to the left, hitting it on the right will cause it to quickly ricochet off of the walls and lose control, but clicking on the left side will push it up towards the top of the screen and slow it down.
  • A slower-moving mouse should be used if possible for better control of the ball.