Alyssa Fairy

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Alyssa Fairy is the host of Alyssa's Star Challenge and is the good fairy in Fairy Falls and Magic Mire. She has also made an appearance in a W Tales Book and has many items that relate to her. She is 17.

Alyssa is the Queen of the Good Fairies in the Charm Forest. Her enemy is Nafaria, the Queen of the Bad Fairies.


She is described by Ganz as follows: "Alyssa is the queen of the good fairies in the Charm Forest. She has red pigtails and brown eyes. She’s in charge of keeping the good magic in the Charm Forest. Her arch-nemesis is, of course, Nafaria (the queen of the bad fairies). Alyssa is a gentle, kind spirit who just wants to keep the pixie pods safe and keep Nafaria out of her hair. Luckily, she has all the other good fairies to help her out!"


Alyssa has red hair which is worn in french braids. She has brown eyes and blue eye shadow (sometimes green). She wears a blue dress, shoes, and tiara, sometimes swapped with a green color scheme.


Nafaria: Alyssa was best friends with Nafaria until the got in an argument; they are now arch enemies. She sometimes has a hard time keeping Nafaria away from her, but luckily she has plenty of good fairies to help her out.

Maddie: She is good friends with Maddie.

2020 Mayoral Campaign

Alyssa was a candidate in the 2020 Webkinz mayor election. Her campaign focused on balancing out the work of Nafaria. If elected, she promised to visit players in Webkinz World more often. Her campaign speech is as follows:

"My dearest citizens of Kinzville! It is my honor to announce my campaign to be your mayor.
Webkinz World has always been a magical place, and many of you have diligently collected stars for me over the years. Though there is some reward in that activity, I know that some of those stars have gone to Nafaria. While I would never tell you what to do with your stars, I know that she is not always trustworthy. Webkinz World is about choice, though, so I will not be taking away that choice… but I do want to balance things out!
With balance in mind, I wish to visit you in Webkinz World more often — as often as Nafaria! And unlike Nafaria, when you find me, you’re guaranteed to get a prize, no strings attached! I believe that everyone needs a little more magic in their lives, and I’d love to bring you little gifts to brighten your day.
If you vote for me between November 28-29, I promise to appear regularly in Webkinz World and give you a gift each time you find me. Let’s bring the magic to Webkinz World!"
-Alyssa [1]


Alyssa can be found in the following books:

  • W Tales Book: Charmed, I'm Sure

Special Items