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Nafaria is the queen of the bad fairies. She used to be friends with Alyssa Fairy (queen of the good fairies), until they had a fight and Nafaria founded the bad fairies. Some fairies joined Nafaria, and some stayed with Alyssa. She wears a purple dress and purple shoes, and she has purple hair and purple eye shadow. She makes appearances in the Charm Forest (sometimes replacing your good fairy which leaves you with nothing), Magic Mire, and in the game Tulip Trouble 2. The player can also add her as a friend.

She is best known as a mischievous thief and questionable trader.


She is described by Ganz as follows: "Nafaria is bad news! Where Nafaria goes, terrible things follow. As queen of the bad fairies, her ongoing goal in life is to take over the Charm Forest and to eliminate the good fairies and their positive powers. So far, they’ve been able to fend her off…but Nafaria never goes away for good. Nafaria has a younger sister named Malena, the bad fairy princess."


In March 2008, Nafaria invaded all of the gardens in Webkinz World with weeds! But then all of the gardens grew back faster than ever.

Since September 2011, Nafaria periodically appears on the side of the screen to offer her Nafaria-themed items for the player's Alyssa's Star Challenge stars. For more information on this perennial Click-to-Win feature, see the full article at Nafaria's Star Challenge.


Before she was Queen of the Bad Fairies, she was a good fairy and best friends with Alyssa. They were considered very close by the other fairies and Webkinz. When it was time for both princesses to compete to become Queen of the Good Fairies, they both tried their hardest to pass each challenge and trained together in the Magical Forest.[1][2]

One day, Nafaria cast a spell and hit Alyssa. Nafaria claimed to have done it by accident and flew away due to panic, and Alyssa claims she struck her and abandoned her on purpose.[3][4] Nafaria returned to the fairy castle, and the absence of Alyssa worried the other fairies. Search parties were sent out to find Alyssa, and in the meantime, Nafaria claimed to have spent her time looking for a healing spell. It took three days to find Alyssa, who was unconscious and wounded.

Alyssa was brought back to the castle and healed by Nafaria. Unfortunately, the spell had a side effect and caused Alyssa stay asleep for a year. During that time, Nafaria was crowned queen and led a strict, powerful rule.

After a year passed, Alyssa woke up and confronted Nafaria, claiming that she didn't have the right to be queen and that she was bad. The elder fairy council held a meeting to hear her side of the story, and she claimed that Nafaria purposefully hurt her and left her so that she could be queen. Nafaria accused her of lying, which led to them entering an intense argument. The fairy council believed Alyssa over Nafaria, who was voted to be dethroned. On the way out of the castle, Nafaria zapped Alyssa, who reacted by declaring the two enemies. Nafaria fled to the dark side of the Magical Forest.

The two fairies' discord caused the other fairies to split amongst each other. Nafaria's followers went after her, and Alyssa's supporters stayed. Nafaria then became Queen of the Bad Fairies. Her exact whereabouts are unknown.[5][6]


Nafaria has meddled in multiple events, such as the 2014 Webkinz Newz Spring Celebration Egg Collection,[7] the 2011 Newzpalooza,[8] and the Sleepy Woodland Dragons' arrival to Webkinz World.[9]


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