Magic Mire

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The Magic Mire is one section of the Magical Forest.

Access to Magic Mire requires the purchase of a virtual charm (called a Webkinz Charm) from the Ganz eStore. Once you've purchased a Webkinz charm, log into Webkinz World and enter the code in the code shop. This will unlock Magic Mire.


Pictures above show Magic Mire before it was unlocked (left) and after (right).

Webkinz Charms

There are 24 Magic Mire Webkinz charms to collect and each one gives you access to a new row of Magic Mire forest charms. It doesn't matter which Webkinz charm you choose, or the order in which you use them. Pick your favorites!


Pixie Pod

Pink Poodle






Chocolate Lab


Basset Hound

KinzPost Letter


Dr. Quack


Arte Fact



Black Stallion

Chef Gazpacho

Persian Cat




Pictures below show how your charms tree looks before you purchase a Webkinz charm (left) and after (right). Each charm you purchase can be worn by a pet of your choice. Each pet can wear up to 3 webkinz charms at a time.


Pet wearing 3 Webkinz charms:


Forest Charms

Once you've gained access to Magic Mire there are 40 virtual charms to collect that can only be found within Magic Mire. They are divided into eight rows. With each Webkinz charm purchased you can search for ONE row of forest charms. Each row has five charms that you need to find in order to win a row prize.


Searching Magic Mire

Magic Mire allows you to search the forest for fairies every 8 hours. Upon entering Magic Mire you have the choice of four paths:


Choose a path and then start hunting for fairies. You'll need to be quick as they fly! Once you catch a fairy by clicking on it, it might cause them to drop a prize box (if you've picked a fairy with no box, try another).


The box will then open revealing your prize!


Where to Look

There are four paths in the Charm Forest:

  • The Candy Path
  • The Rock Path
  • The Flower Path
  • The Snow Path

There are eight rows of virtual charms. For each charm code you enter in the code shop, you will get to search for another row of charms. It takes eight charm codes to fully "unlock" the Magic Mire.

  • First Row: Bee, Butterfly, Dragonfly, Grasshopper, Ladybug
  • Second Row: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer Ball, Tennis Ball
  • Third Row: Heart, Easter Egg, Jack-o-Lantern, Shamrock, Cornucopia
  • Fourth Row: Eggplant, Mushroom, Tomato, Carrot, Corn
  • Fifth Row: Alarm Clock, Fire Alarm, Handbell, Service Bell, Jingle Bell
  • Sixth Row: Diary, Padlock, Safe, Door, Key
  • Seventh Row: Candle, Flashlight, Lantern, Light Bulb, Spotlight
  • Eighth Row: Director's Chair, Film Reel, Megaphone, Movie Camera, Movie Slate

Each row of charms can be found on three of the paths, but not on the fourth.

  • First Row: NOT on the Rock Path
  • Second Row: NOT on the Flower Path
  • Third Row: NOT on the Flower Path
  • Fourth Row: NOT on the Snow Path
  • Fifth Row: NOT on the Candy Path
  • Sixth Row: NOT on the Rock Path
  • Seventh Row: NOT on the Candy Path
  • Eight Row: NOT on the Snow Path


Each box a fairy drops contains either a random prize, a recipe food, sap glop, a key or one of the 40 forest charms.

Random Prizes:


Row Prizes:

Each time you complete a row of 5 forest charms you get a prize!


  • The Charm Forest living room is comprised of two prizes: Charm Forest Coffee Table & Charm Forest Sofa.

Purchase Prizes:

Upon entering a 16th or 24th Webkinz charm you get a prize. The 16th charm code will get you a Charm Forest Window. The 24th charm code will get you the Magic Mire Marsh.

Grand Prize:

Once you've found all 40 virtual forest charms you'll be awarded the Swirling Leaf Tiara.

Forest Keys

Note: These keys can also be searched for in Woodland Wonders

You can also search for 30 keys that can be used to unlock prizes. There are 15 silver Common keys, 10 gold Uncommon keys gold and 5 emerald Rare keys. After completing a row of keys, you get to choose a prize.