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DiceKinz is a collectible dice game that can be played against friends and the computer by clicking the DiceKinz link in the Things to Do menu and against anyone in the Tournament Arena.

The goal of the game is to be the first around the board. You do this by rolling your dice and using the powers that appear to protect your Run dice and knock out your opponent's Run dice. At the end of each turn, you move forward and amount of squares equal to the Run points you have showing.

The game can be a little tricky at first. We (Ganz) recommend that you watch the Tutorial and read the Instructions before playing. You can also play without buying any dice. Once you've gotten the game down a little, you can go to the WShop and buy your own dice to play with. There are lots of different dice to play with. Half of the fun is deciding which dice to use!

In 2012, DiceKinz officially ended and everyone who owned DiceKinz Dice got the Dicekinz trophy. You can still play DiceKinz by watching the Today's Activities page at Push The Big Button of Kinzcash. There is a link to DiceKinz on Push The Big Button of Kinzcash. This game is very fun but rare to find.


Powers are different kinds of Dice in DiceKinz such as shields or footprints which block attacks, and others which attack the opponent's dice.

Action Die

  • Face-removes any opponent's die.
  • Fly- moves your character forward the number of spaces equal to the number on the die.
  • Trip-removes any of your opponents run die.
  • Scare- Re-rolls any die (even your own.) If it rolls into a face it is scared away.
  • Blowback- moves your opponent back two spaces.
  • Stumble- reduces the number on your opponent's run die by 1.
  • Growth- Increases the number on all of your action die.
  • Recover- brings back any removed or used die.

Defense Die

  • Dodge- Avoids trips, scares, and blowbacks. If you have extras at run phase, you can run 1 extra space.
  • Block- Avoids faces and stops flies.
  • Balance- Stops any stumble or blowback.

Run Dice are a another type of dice, which range in value from one to five. These values can sometimes be increased by you or decreased by your opponent using other dice.